DWIC 2024: Shaping the Future of Web3 Investment in Dubai

DWIC 2024 in Dubai, led by Omika Dubey and Sonny Mohanty, pioneers Web3 investment with a focus on sustainability. It unites investors, startups, and leaders to drive innovation, shape industries, and foster collaboration toward a net-zero future through decentralized technologies.

DWIC 2024 welcomes investors, startups, and thought leaders to explore the forefront of Web3 investment from April 15th to 21st in Dubai. Organized by Omika Dubey, Managing Partner at Giakaa Capital, and co-hosted by Sonny Mohanty, Partner at Leo Venture with media partners Orbis86, DWIC 2024 is set to redefine the landscape of digital investment. 

Theme: Driving Net Zero

More than just a gathering, DWIC 2024 is a pioneering initiative driving towards net-zero emissions. With a commitment to leveraging Web3 technologies for sustainability, DWIC aims to unite investors, entrepreneurs, and visionaries to drive positive change and foster a more sustainable world through innovation.

Vision: Shaping the Future with Web3

At DWIC 2024, the vision is clear: to catalyze the transformation of industries, economies, and societies through the power of Web3 innovation. By empowering decentralized technologies, fostering inclusivity, and driving global impact, DWIC seeks to shape a future where Web3 serves as a cornerstone of progress.

Mission: Fostering Collaboration and Innovation

The mission of DWIC 2024 is to foster collaboration, innovation, and investment within the Web3 space. By bringing together investors, startups, and industry leaders, DWIC creates a dynamic platform for exploring the potential of Web3 technologies and unlocking opportunities for growth and development.

Join the Future at DWIC 2024

Don’t miss the chance to be part of the digital revolution in Dubai. Join DWIC 2024 to witness the transformative power of Web3 and blockchain, where innovators and investors unite to shape the future. Register Here.

About DWIC:

The Dubai Web3 Investment Conclave is an elite gathering that brings together government officials, industry leaders, and innovative startups to explore blockchain’s potential. Set in the dynamic city of Dubai, this exclusive event is highlighted by a Demo Day for groundbreaking blockchain ventures.

About Orbis86:  

Orbis86 is at the forefront of pioneering Utility-as-a-Service in Web3, with a focus on inclusivity and cross-chain collaboration. Through global events and strategic partnerships, Orbis86 provides comprehensive insights into the evolving landscapes of Web3 and AI. 

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