From Rural Web Developer to Globally Renowned eCommerce Coach: The Story of Jeffrey Schipper

Jeffrey Schipper is a co-founder and co-owner of the premier business coaching platform Ecom Education specializing in helping students kickstart their business adventures. Jeffrey is internationally recognized among the most successful webshop coaches across all compass points.

Jeffrey Schipper’s story begins in his hometown of Overijssel, Netherlands. Due to hip disease, he spent most of his formative years designing and building websites and apps. Even though this job proved to be lucrative for him, he shifted his focus to academic pursuits and moved to Groningen. 

Even though he made numerous meaningful connections, both personal and business-wise, during this time, everything changed when he met Maik Biemans, a highly respected eCommerce coach with whom Jeffrey now co-owns Ecom Education. 

“At one point, I had 30 active webshops and a team of about 25 people. In total, I’ve made over €10 million in turnover and have always been busy with my webshops while traveling. Since 2019, I’ve mainly been in Bali, where I live in a villa with other entrepreneurs and travel. Mike was always the one guiding others, which is how he helped me and thousands of others to set up successful webshops,” Jeffrey said. 

Under Maik’s tutelage, Jeffrey learned the ropes and eventually mastered the art of dropshipping. His friend’s exemplary coaching skills helped him build a digital empire of ecommerce businesses, and it wasn’t long before this dynamic duo decided to launch one of the leading webshop coaching platforms, Ecom Education. 

This collaborative venture began in 2022, driven by Jeffrey’s innate talent for sales and Maik’s exemplary business coaching skills. This partnership has since then empowered over 2,000 students with the knowledge required to successfully navigate the intricacies of running an ecommerce store. 

Fast-forward to 2024, Ecom Education became more than just an educational hub of entrepreneurship. It became a budding community of like-minded individuals who bonded over similar interests while climbing the ladder of success. 

Jeffrey Schipper currently lives in Bali where he enjoys traveling the beautiful Asian landscapes with his family. More information about Jeffrey Schipper is available on

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