Unconditional Bonds: Exploring Canine Love in ‘The Shadows We Cast’ by Beth A. Nigro

Unconditional Bonds: Exploring Canine Love in 'The Shadows We Cast' by Beth A. Nigro

OSSINING, N.Y. – “The Shadows We Cast” is an intriguing exploration into the rewards of relationships–both the canine and human, and all animals. Author Beth A. Nigro nurtures every page with the theme of giving and expecting nothing in return but love. 

The book is both heart-warming and heartbreaking, it captures the essence of what you’ve ever wanted to know about our furry friends and the indomitable bonds that form between humans and their canine companions. This book exhibits marvelous insight into the workings of the canine body and its remarkable way of giving back love. 

The book features Deborah who shows readers how and why animals love us in return, and the writer beautifully captures the undiluted joy of the canine spirit.  “The Shadows We Cast,” delves into the animal’s pain, the way they think, their desires, and their concern with their daily living, and their love for others. It is a sweet, heart-wrenching tale that will make you want to hug your dog just a little bit tighter. 

If you’ve ever known the love of an animal, you know the feeling: It’s playing a game of fetch with your dog when you’re happy or cuddling, and the feeling of a wet nose nuzzling your cheek, or the sound of a concerned whimper. It’s looking into a pair of wide, empathetic eyes that seem to understand you on a deeper level. If you’re an animal lover, you know this already to be true: animals are capable of deep, unconditional love. 

As you read, “The Shadows We Cast,” you’ll learn about what makes dogs special, their personality traits, and what they’re good at.  

The Shadows We Cast
By Beth Nigro 

Kindle | $6.99 

Paperback | $19.99 

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About the Author 

Beth Nigro graduated with a Master’s Degree from Fordham University, in New York, where she studied the philosophy of Animal Rights, independently, writing her Master’s essay (The Gulf Between Us: An Essay of the Human and Non-human in Western Philosophical Thought) about these issues. 

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