Fashion Photographer Robert Ector Releases His Street Fashion Coffee Table Book

Grammy Winning, Oscar Nominated Fashion Icon Mary J. Blige forewords DETAILS | Robert Ector – City Streets Are The Real Runways – The World’s Most Fashionable People.

Renowned Fashion Photographer Robert Ector has finally unveiled his much-awaited coffee table book titled “DETAILS | City Streets Are The REAL Runways! The World’s Most Fashionable People,” featuring a foreword by the Iconic Mary J. Blige. This stunning photographic collection is a homage to the vibrant street style that has come to influence the very essence of luxury fashion. The book can be purchased at

Featuring a foreword by Grammy-winning, Oscar-nominated fashion icon Mary J. Blige, the book includes stunning photographs of Fashion Icons: Anna Wintour, Christian Louboutin, Edward Enninful, Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert, Anna dela Russo, Grace Coddington, Corrine Roitfeld, Gigi Hadid, Hailey Beiber, Olivia Culpo, Chiara Ferragni, Derek Blasberg, and Selma Hayek, among others.

The author of the book, Robert Ector, is one of the most sought-after photographers in the world, Having been called Personal Photographer and Art Director to iconic stars such as Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige, Steve Harvey, Serena Williams, & Nicki Minaj. He’s now hosting his first solo exhibition in Atlanta titled ‘The Atelier,’ and he joins Good Day’s Sharon Lawson to talk about photographing famous faces, the future of photography, and so much more.

After spending the last four years abroad covering runway shows at the top fashion houses, Fashion Photographer Robert Ector has come to one conclusion. “What happens inside on the runway is only the beginning… The REAL show is outside,” says Ector. “Here, not only will you find some of the best and most expensive pieces in the world, but you will also experience an array of emotions as each guest takes to the streets to guide us on their own personal journey of luxury living.”

“Ector is right. The surge in streetwear and street photography is like never before. “Streetwear is influencing a new era of luxury fashion,” says Jessica Sulima of Adweek. “Luxury streetwear has helped boost global sales of luxury goods to an estimated 263 billion euros.

Ector describes his work as “the book of people,” emphasizing diversity and passion. “Every race, age, gender, and religion is featured throughout. There lies passion on every page,” he states.

“Streetwear and Street photography have taken over the globe. This, combined with the beast of social media, is an unstoppable force. The connection between the street and the world’s love for fashion will only get bigger from here,” says Ector.

The book, weighing in at 15 lbs and spanning 650 pages, is a visual feast and a testament to the enduring connection between streetwear, street photography, and the global fashion ethos. “Streetwear and Street photography have taken over the globe… The connection between the street and the world’s love for fashion will only get bigger from here,” Ector asserts.

Get a copy of the book “DETAILS | City Streets Are The REAL Runways! The World’s Most Fashionable People” at

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