Author James Kleiner, featured in Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, releases memoir “Landing on My Feet, Teaching and Learning During a Career in Education”

James Kleiner’s dedication to music education shines through as he shares insights into cultivating a supportive environment and uniting people through music. In this captivating memoir, he shares deep gratitude towards the professors, educators, and students who have influenced his lifelong journey.

James Kleiner, author of “Landing on My Feet, Teaching and Learning During a Career in Education,” will be featured in the prestigious Los Angeles Times Festival of Books taking place this April 20-21, 2024.

The memoir chronicles Kleiner’s education while paying tribute to the teachers who mentored and inspired him. Kleiner, who was an educator in the Connecticut public schools for 33 years, reflects on the challenges he faced and ultimately overcame throughout his career, highlighting the invaluable lessons learned from his students and colleagues. With vibrant storytelling and deep understanding, Kleiner encourages readers to explore the diverse experiences of joy, adversity, and success that shape the path of a dedicated educator.

According to Kleiner, his passion was always about guiding and helping kids navigate the complexities of school and life. As the saying goes, “This is why we teach.” Despite challenges, including job changes and a period outside the educational realm, Kleiner’s dedication to inspiring young minds remained unwavering. This mission has always been part of him since day one. 

Throughout the memoir, Kleiner intersperses details of his childhood, college life, and teaching assignments with a comprehensive chronicle of his years in different schools. He underscores the importance of lifelong learning, noting, “I realized that a teacher never stops being a learner as well.”

Reflecting on his transformative journey returning to education, Kleiner also mentions his challenges and personal growth, emphasizing the reciprocal nature of teaching and learning. He portrays the classroom as a dynamic space where students actively participate in their intellectual development, fostering connections between teachers and students.

In a review on Amazon, Winston, one of the readers, lauded the author for sharing an inspiring memoir that offers a timely message for everyone. Winston wrote, “A touching story of a lifetime of dedication to teaching and music written by an outstanding educator and musician. Bravo!”

Readers who want to purchase “Landing on my Feet, Teaching and Learning During a Career in Education” by author James Kleiner may check out Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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