Led by Aldo Corbo, Centro Dentale Corbo to Expand with New International Suppliers

Aldo Corbo, the CEO of the popular dental center Centro Dentale Corbo, has announced that in 2024, the center will be focusing on expanding its dental center nationally by adding new international suppliers.

Speaking to the media, Aldo Corbo said, “The key to entrepreneurial success is the audacity to look for new paths.”

Centro Dentale Corbo has made of its dental services with its unique protocols and patents, specifically designed to allow Italians to receive treatment without having to turn to the foreign market. Centro Dentale Corbo has already reached almost several million euros in revenue, making it a popular name in the crowded dental clinic space.

Despite the difficulties of a small town without transportation services, Aldo Corbo is very determined to take Centro Dentale Corbo to new heights. He and his colleagues take care of accompanying patients to hotels and then to the clinic since there are no available taxis, unlike in big cities, where transportation services are more numerous.

However, thanks to the launch of Aldo Corbo’s business idea, it has already attracted the attention of large international companies producing dental implants.

They immediately tried to get in touch with him and gladly came to see him at his headquarters. This shows that, once again, important international entrepreneurs approach Italian entrepreneurs for their business ideas and are aware of their development.

Aldo Corbo, always open to new opportunities, welcomes those who seek him with open arms. According to a business plan, the project is worth more than fifty million euros per year. Aldo Corbo has had a clear vision for eighteen years in the sector and has always sought and studied ways to save his patients money without compromising on the quality of products. He only uses quality products that have been proven in the market. His strength lies in his unique patents, which no one else has ever reached before. They manage to reduce costs by 50%, but the true wealth, as stated by Aldo Corbo, CEO of the Corbo Dental Center, is the new jobs being created and the many patients who no longer have to travel abroad to seek dental treatment, as they can find it in Italy.

Learn more about Centro Dentale Corbo at  https://www.centrodentalecorbo.it/

About Centro Dentale Corbo

Centro Dentale Corbo is a highly specialized reference center in the Oral sector. It works with commitment, passion, and dedication to serving its customers, leveraging innovative technologies, such as CT-3D digital impression, guided implantology, and other latest-generation machinery.

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