From Ghana to Global – Eclectic Artist Twicy Ignites the Pop Scene with Rich & Vibrant Single “Live It Up”

From Ghana to Global - Eclectic Artist Twicy Ignites the Pop Scene with Rich & Vibrant Single "Live It Up"
A seasoned artist turning the tide in Pop music, Twicy’s inimitable and electrifying soundscapes set the stage for a global Pop revolution

With “Live It Up,” Twicy delivers a thrilling experience. The single is a kaleidoscope of sound, a composition that weaves together the pulsating rhythms of his African roots with the catchy, melodious hooks of pop to create a genre-defying hit that resonates with audiences worldwide.

“Live It Up” is a track that stands as a testament to Twicy’s unique artistic vision, a vision that has seen him rise from the rich musical landscape of Ghana to capture the attention of listeners across the globe. His talent transcends geographical boundaries, and his performances are a testament to the power of music as a medium to derive joy, inspire movement, and foster connection.

Twicy’s approach to music is a breath of fresh air in the pop scene. His songs are meant to be felt, to be lived. “Live It Up” invites you to do just that—to embrace the moment, to feel the energy, and to join the dance that is life. With every note, Twicy encourages his audience to break free from the mundane and embark on a path of joyous abandon.

As Twicy’s star continues to rise, “Live It Up” sets the tone for what is sure to be a remarkable career. This is just the beginning for a singer whose characteristic charisma, moving energy, and inimitable passion for music are set to make waves in the pop world for years to come.

Engage with Twicy’s world by checking out “Live It Up,” following his vibrant social media presence, and keeping up with his journey through life and music! With a single that’s ready to conquer charts and win hearts, Twicy invites you to live it up and witness the rise of a pop icon in the making.

For more information, to book Twicy, or to explore potential collaborations, please reach out to Moses Dailey of Dailey’s Entertainment at [email protected]


In the buzzing metropolis of Atlanta, Georgia, a new sound resonates through the airwaves, a sound that’s as electrifying as the city itself. Twicy, a dynamic pop sensation from the heart of Ghana, steps onto the global stage with the release of his exhilarating new single, “Live It Up.” This track embodies a compelling anthem, a manifesto of joy that pulses with the vibrant lifeblood of contemporary pop infused with the soul of Afrobeat rhythms.

“Live It Up” embodies Twicy’s spirit and musical ethos—a fusion of tradition and innovation that captures the essence of his journey from the colorful streets of Ghana to the sprawling urban landscapes of America. Twicy continues to move hearts, becoming the global voice of a new era in pop music, an era that dances to the rhythm of unity and celebrates the diversity of global sounds.







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