The Definitive Guide to Overcoming RFEs: FAQs

What is an RFE?

An RFE, or Request for Evidence, is a document issued by immigration services when an application or petition lacks required evidence, or the officer needs more information to make a decision. It’s not a denial but a request for additional documentation or clarification.

Why did I receive an RFE?

RFEs can be issued for various reasons, including incomplete forms, insufficient evidence of a bona fide relationship, unclear employment documentation, or lack of proof of eligibility. Each RFE specifies what information or documentation is needed.

How should I respond to an RFE?

Respond effectively by reviewing the RFE carefully, gathering the requested information, organizing your response to match the RFE’s structure, and meeting the deadline. Providing exactly what’s asked for is crucial.

Can help with my RFE?

Yes. specializes in assisting with RFEs, offering expert advice and services tailored to your specific situation. Our team can guide you through the entire process.

What happens after I respond to an RFE?

Your response will be reviewed by the immigration officer. The time frame for a decision varies. You may receive a decision, a request for further evidence, or a notice for an interview.

Is receiving an RFE a bad sign?

Not necessarily. An RFE is a request for more information to help make an informed decision. With a well-prepared response, you can successfully overcome an RFE.

For direct guidance on avoiding or responding to an RFE, Sheila Danzig, Executive Director of The Degree People, will review your case at no charge. Visit, fill out the form, and submit your documents. Sheila will get back to you as quickly as possible with all of your options.

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