Qargo Coffee Brews Excitement with Two New Locations in Center Washington, D.C.

Step into Qargo Coffee’s newest locations in the heart of D.C., where creators and coffee lovers come together for a premium quality experience.

Qargo Coffee, the popular coffee brand recognized for its premium quality and proud association with Lavazza, launched two new locations in downtown Washington, D.C., mere steps from President’s Park. Arriving in the capital, the brand brought Italy’s Finest Coffee & Pastries to the heart of the nation, achieving a notable milestone and reshaping the coffee culture, one cup of coffee at a time.

The latest additions to the Qargo Coffee map are situated in Lafayette Square and Farragut Square, just a few blocks away from each other. This strategic placement brings Lavazza Italian Coffee and the historic White House into close proximity, marking a crucial moment in the company’s mission to redefine coffee standards in the USA. These openings also provide an opportunity to savor the true essence of a fine cup of coffee in the perfect setting for relaxation, work, networking, sightseeing, study, and more.

The stores showcase how the chain transcends the conventional coffee shop model. Rather, visitors have been able to find a unique and top-tier approach to the nation’s coffee culture, rekindling an aspect of American heritage often overlooked. Thus, customers have not only enjoyed the distinctive flavors and recipes offered but have also received a reminder that “coffee” encompasses more than just a beverage. Moreover, the welcoming and cozy ambiance transformed the new locations into prime venues for fostering connections with others while Empowering The Creators.

 “Once we arrived in Washington D.C. we knew we had a challenge, as we needed to turn our locations into flagship stores and landmarks in the capital.” – Said Sebastian Garcia, Marketing Director for Qargo Coffee. “We want Qargo Coffee D.C. to become a haven for white-collar employees, executives, workers, tourists, young generations, and more. We are certain that our stores will be the perfect space for everyone to come together for a premium-quality coffee experience.”

The exceptional flavor profile and taste of the Lavazza ¡Tierra! Coffee blend unquestionably took center stage in the neighborhood, anchoring the entire Qargo Coffee Experience. Additionally, a set of locally inspired beverages have taken the spotlight within the stores, highlighted by the exclusive Cherry Blossom product line, inspired by the Cherry Blossom Festival and available only at these locations. 

Inside the stores, it becomes evident that innovation is at the core of the brand’s identity, and that “Empowering The Creators” isn’t just a slogan. Each location has created a unique coffee sanctuary, with its own architectural style and design, perfect for sparking creativity and productivity. The open spaces are specially designed for gathering with friends, while the cozy interior ambiance provides an ideal backdrop for connection. This seamless fusion of atmospheres makes for the perfect setting to enjoy the exceptional Italian blends while engaging with one another.

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About Qargo Coffee:

Qargo Coffee is a pioneering coffee shop brand that seeks to revolutionize the coffee culture, one cup of coffee at a time. Characterized by premium quality, innovation, and a long-standing collaboration with Lavazza, the company has created new standards for coffee enjoyment while bringing Italy’s Finest Coffee & Pastries to consumers all across the nation.

About Lavazza:

Lavazza ranks among the world’s top coffee roasters, celebrated for its renowned premium-quality coffee blends. With roots tracing back 128 years to Turin, Italy, Lavazza has continuously redefined the industry and through their partnership with Qargo Coffee, they bring this unparalleled quality to everyday consumers, ensuring that their legacy of excellence endures in every sip.

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