G-POWER Unveils the GT19 Ultra Power Pillar: The Next Evolution in Portable Charging Technology

New York City, NY – In today’s digital age, defined by wireless connectivity and the increasing reliance on smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices, the need for reliable portable power has never been greater. In a recent exciting announcement, G-POWER revealed its latest innovation, which is set to revolutionize the power bank industry: the GT19 Ultra Power Pillar. Preparing for its crowdfunding debut on Kickstarter, the innovator pledges to offer cutting-edge charging innovations for technology aficionados globally.


“We are thrilled to introduce the G-POWER GT19 Power Bank to the market,” said Frank, the CEO at G-POWER. “With its combination of high capacity, fast charging and recharging, and sleek design, the GT19 Power Bank offers users a convenient and reliable solution for staying powered up on the go.”

Not only that, Frank also claimed that “GT19 is not only the first product to fully use wide-temperature batteries as a mobile power source and support charging and recharging in extremely high and cold temperatures, but also the first product on the market to truly realize 140W constant power charging and recharging – the first true continuous 140W fasting charging, processes will not experience any power loss throughout through charging and recharging.”

The compact GT19 Power Bank is slim yet ultra-powerful as it can be fully recharged in 19 minutes. Users can continue their daily routines and ensure that a power source is always available when needed, whether at hiking, traveling, work, home, office, school, or on the go.

Light and portable, the innovative GaN technology of the G-POWER Pulse 140 not only provides astonishing charging speeds but is also easy to carry, making it your best travel companion. Accompanied by a matching charger , with 140W supercharge capability, the GT19 powers up in just minutes, keeping you ready anytime, anywhere. In addition, the GT19 Power Bank boasts a wide temperature adaption range from -40℉ to 185℉(-40°C to 85°C), ensuring reliable 15W power support even in extremely low temperatures.

“We believe that in many scenarios such as outdoor adventures and camping, high-altitude areas, polar scientific expeditions, desert expeditions, emergency rescue, military applications, industrial and construction sites,  concerns about devices draining out and the safety of using electricity in extreme temperatures can be distressing. The GT19 addresses these issues head-on, ensuring your mobile phones, computers, tablets, lights, and measurement tools remain reliably powered, even in the most challenging weather conditions.” Ada said to us very proudly and confidently.


Furthermore, the GT19 Power Bank stands out from its counterparts by providing superior and consistent charging and recharging performance at the same temperatures. It distinguishes itself as the premier power bank capable of sustaining a steady 140W power output for both charging and recharging processes.

Key Features of the GT19 Ultra Power Pillar:

  • Rapid Charging Technology: Utilizing G-POWER fast charging technology and a 140W in-and-out fast charging cable, the GT19 Power Bank provides fast charging on a single USB-C port (140W), offering up to 176W of output from all 3 ports combined with AI intelligent control.
  • Ultra-High Capacity: Equipped with a massive 12,000mAh capacity, the GT19 Power Bank ensures that users have more than enough power to keep their devices charged throughout the day. In addition, users can charge an iPhone 15 up to 2 times or the Samsung S23+ twice the amount, making it the perfect companion for a wide range of devices.
  • Universal/Cross-brand Compatibility: The GT19 Power Bank is compatible with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more, making it the perfect companion for users with multiple devices.
  • Smart Charging Demands: Users can double-click the power button to activate the smart low current mode to power up Bluetooth headphones, smartwatches, flashlights, outdoor lights, and more.
  • Sleek Columnar Design: With its sleek and compact design, the GT19 Power Bank is not only easier to carry on the go but also takes up less space, ensuring that users can easily tuck it into a shirt pocket or carry-on bag. In addition, the GT19 Power Bank is airline TSA-approved for a more accessible traveling experience.
  • Smart Technology Integration: The GT19 features AI Intelligent Temperature Control that adapts to your device’s needs and environmental conditions to optimize charging temperature and maximize battery health performance.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The screen display provides real-time information on charging status, battery life, temperature, and power output levels, keeping users informed and in control.
  • Tailored Charging Options: For devices that require a gentler touch, the GT19’s low-current mode ensures that even low-powered devices can be charged safely and efficiently.

During a company conference, Frank, the G-POWER CEO, re-expressed, “We are constantly pursuing technological innovation while taking on environmental responsibility. Its story is about how technology can change the world while protecting our precious natural resources. With continuous research on battery technology and in-depth activities to protect the natural environment of the oceans and the earth, G-POWER is creating a better and more sustainable future for the planet through innovation and commitment.”

G-Power is more than just a technology company; it also has a green heart. The company understands the strong link between technological advancement and environmental protection and is committed to protecting our common home – the Earth. At the beginning of the company’s creation, in addition to continuously strengthening its research on charging technology, it also insisted on zero-plastic and zero-carbon emissions in its design. G-POWER has always upheld the philosophy of protecting the earth and marine environment.

The G-POWER GT19 Power Bank will soon launch on Kickstarter and will be available for purchase at an exclusive price for early supporters. For more information about the GT19 Power Bank and other G-POWER products, please visit the website at https://gt19.g-power.ai/.

Furthermore, the journey in redefining excellence wouldn’t have been possible without the support from Fenix and the accolades from esteemed media partners. This alliance with Fenix, a beacon of innovation and quality, has not only elevated G-POWER’s product designs but has also infused its endeavors with unparalleled vigor and vision.


G-POWER is a new and epoch-making fast-charging power bank company. Through independent research and developing design, it realizes the full use of wide-temperature battery cells to design portable power banks and charging solutions. G-POWER Ultra Power Pillar is the first portable power bank to realize bidirectional constant power 140W fast charging and recharging. This revolutionary fast charging and discharging and wide temperature battery technology is a great leap in the efficiency of power storage and use, and it also realizes the long-term technical problems of constant charging and discharging of high power and continuous work under extreme temperatures in a real sense.

Since 2006, G-POWER has set up a team focusing on battery and circuit research and development, as well as providing long-term service to major brands and hypermarket customers worldwide. Led by several technical research and marketing personnel from Hong Kong and Germany, the company has long been focusing on lithium batteries, wide-temperature batteries, high-rate charging and recharging batteries, fast-charging circuits, and product and user market research, breaking through a number of technical bottlenecks in batteries and circuits. At the same time, G-POWER is also constantly exploring the various impacts that science and technology, energy, and products can bring to humanity, society, and the earth’s environment.

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