Web 3.0 Open – Meta Era Reunion in Dubai Unveils Stellar Line-Up and Official Agenda

Meta Era, a leading media outlet based in Hong Kong, is pleased to announce the “Web 3.0 Open – Meta Era Reunion in Dubai,” an exclusive high-end industry networking event set to take place at MyGolf Dubai on April 20, 2024, during the TOKEN2049 Dubai conference. Detailed information about the event can be found on its official website.

As the Dubai leg of Meta Era’s global summit tour, this unique event combines the worlds of Web 3.0 and golf and features heavyweights from critical sectors such as infrastructure, security, compliance, and investment. Esteemed guests include Raymond Yuan, Founder of WSPN; Jack Kong, Founder of Nano Labs and Board Director of Cyberport; Eric Bai, CEO of Meta Era; Michael Zhao, Chairman of the Board & CEO of Klickl; George Cao, Founder of AscendEX; Peter Yang, Managing Director of Fenbushi Capital; Annabelle Huang, Managing Partner of Amber Group; Victoria Feng, Business Development VP of BitMart; Connie Lam, Solution Architect Head of CertiK; Zack Yang, Co-Founder of FOMO Pay; Chen Yu, Chief Advisor of KUN; Tengfei Xue, Web3.0 Technical Planning Expert of Huawei Cloud; Dora Jiang, Global BD Lead of Conflux Network; Anna Liu, CMO of NuLink; Berri Stone, Business Development Head of Web3Labs; Paul Wang, Founding Partner of PSE Trading; Kelvin C, Co-Founder of 0xVM; Mihai Alexandru Radu, Investor Relations Head of SphereX; Paul Xu, Co-Founder of AINN Layer2; Vivi Wong, Global BD Director of StableWallet; Dan Zajac, Co-Founder of Kitsaya Labs; Alex Goh, Chairman of EMC Foundation & Founder of EdgeMatrix Computing; and Daigan Reid, Community Head of Somnia. Gathering under a shared passion for golf, participants will exchange insights on the hot trends in the Web 3.0 industry and share their respective investment experiences.

The event will feature a variety of eagerly anticipated agendas, with Jack Kong, Founder of Nano Labs and Board Director of Cyberport, attending as a keynote speaker. Mr. Eric Bai, CEO of Meta Era, will deliver the opening address.

Raymond Yuan, Founder of WSPN, will discuss how Web3 X AI fosters new opportunities for democratization in his keynote speech. With years of venture capital experience and deep insights into technological development, his presentation will reveal how Web3 and AI are converging to democratize technology, offering unprecedented access and opportunities while addressing the transformative impact on society and industry.

In the Web 3.0 ecosystem, security and privacy are paramount. Connie Lam, Solutions Architect Head of CertiK, will present a keynote on the security challenges in the Web 3.0 industry, exploring how to build a more secure and reliable Web 3.0 ecosystem.

Tengfei Xue, Web3.0 Technical Planning Expert of Huawei Cloud, will provide a comprehensive analysis of the significant advancements achieved by Web3 infrastructure driven by Moore’s Law, as well as explore the critical role played by ZK-Rollups in enhancing performance and reducing transaction costs.

Stablecoins play a crucial role in the digital asset ecosystem, and their relationship with payments is inseparable. WSPN, a leading digital payment company, will present a panel discussion titled “Stablecoins: Pioneering the Evolution of Digital Payments in Web3” at this prestigious event. Moderated by Peter Yang, Managing Director at Fenbushi Capital, the panel will bring together several luminaries in the digital payment space, including Raymond Yuan, Founder of WSPN, Zack Yang, Co-founder of FOMO Pay, Chen Yu, Chief Advisor of KUN, and Vivi Wong, Global BD Director of StableWallet, to discuss and share their insights. At the panel, participating experts will delve into the significance and future prospects of stablecoins in the Web3 paradigm, providing a comprehensive analysis of the challenges and opportunities inherent in the Web3 digital payment revolution.

The panel discussion on “Deep Dive: Investing with CeFi or DeFi?” will feature George Cao, Founder of AscendEX, and other panelists discussing the future of centralized and decentralized finance, providing valuable insights for the crypto investment sector.

In the bull market led by Bitcoin, investors are actively seeking the next 100x project. With the upcoming Bitcoin halving event, discussions about the next 100x project and the Bitcoin ecosystem are gaining increasing attention globally. The event will also feature panel discussions on the search for the next 100x project and new trends in the Bitcoin ecosystem, unveiling strategies for discovering the next 100x project and providing a comprehensive analysis of emerging trends in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Michael Zhao, Chairman of the Board & CEO of Klickl, will deliver the closing remarks, sharing insights on how the Klickl platform can integrate traditional finance with the digital economy in the Web 3.0 era.

The event is generously supported by Web 3.0 Open, Meta Era, BitMart, CertiK, WSPN, Huawei Cloud, Fenbushi Capital, Amber Group, Web3Labs, ICG Trading, AINN Layer2, SphereX, AscendEX, 0xVM, NuLink, Conflux, Somnia, Zetrix, PSE Trading, NFTGo, Kitsaya Labs, Glypher, StableWallet, KUN, RABI, ARPA Network, EMC (Edge Matrix Computing), Truflation and Klickl. (Sponsors are listed without any particular order)

Special thanks to media partners, Foresight News, MarsBit, ChainCatcher, PANews, JinSe Finance, Cointime, ABMedia, BlockTempo, BroadChain Finance, DeThings, Followin, Bitkoala, WikiBit, ChainTimes, BitRush, and BOTD for their strong support. (Partners are listed without any particular order)

For more details about the event or to register, please visit the official event page and scan the QR code to join the exclusive event community.

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