Celebrating Parent Engagement, Success, and Student Dedication

Celebrating Parent Engagement, Success, and Student Dedication

C.E. King High School PTO in Sheldon ISD is thrilled to announce the outstanding efforts of our parents and teachers. Led by Campus Parent Engagement Coordinator Gloria Walker, PTO founder Yolanda Fite, and President Isaac Francis, alongside a dedicated team, the PTO exemplifies the spirit of parent engagement, collaboration, and student support.


Through initiatives like the annual Thanksgiving Drive and Teacher Appreciation, students activities, the PTO underscores the importance of parental involvement in our students’ education. Additionally, we proudly recognize and reward students with perfect attendance, fostering a culture of dedication and punctuality among our student body.

These initiatives, supported by campus leaders like Principal Dr. Jillian Howard, contribute to a nurturing and supportive learning environment within our district.


We extend our deepest gratitude to the teachers whose dedication and commitment inspire our students daily.

Behind the scenes, committed staff members and parent volunteers work tirelessly to ensure the smooth execution of PTO activities, demonstrating their unwavering dedication to parent engagement and the success of our school community.


As we celebrate the achievements of the C.E. King High School PTO in Sheldon ISD, let us acknowledge the invaluable role of parent engagement in enriching our students’ educational journey. We invite you to support our cause by making donations. For more information, please contact us via email or phone.


Gloria Walker

Campus Parent Engagement Coordinator

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