and Announce Cryptocurrency Media Partnership and Announce Cryptocurrency Media Partnership, a financial media brand geared towards doctors seeking FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early), has partnered with industry-leading cryptocurrency news source Coinclub.News. This collaboration aims to empower doctors with unbiased, in-depth information on cryptocurrency, potentially integrating it into their FIRE strategies.

Seattle, WA –, the leading physician media brand for doctors and accredited investors focused on Financial Independence to Retire Early (FIRE) today, announced a partnership with Coinclub.News, an industry-leading Cryptocurrency Media Company. This partnership accelerates Physicianonfire’s strategy to provide the most thorough education and high-quality knowledge to potential investors in cryptocurrency.

Physicians and accredited investors lack a source to find information that is not driven by marketing, and provides an alternative given its business model of having a paid premium product to fund the writing team’s research. offers a variety of tools for readers to learn and manage cryptocurrency investments from topics like Airdrops and Nonfungible Tokens. The writing team led by Kenji Claudio, a crypto thought leader since 2017, has attracted hundreds of paying subscribers and over 16,000 free subscribers. Readers who use’ offering get access to new product updates and airdrops in the market that otherwise would be inaccessible due to the relationships of the teams.

By partnering with, is extending the company’s impact on its physician readership beyond care in physical clinics. makes it easy for doctors who are new to cryptocurrency to learn the fundamentals of how cryptocurrency is evolving. In the future, readers include cryptocurrency in their FIRE journey. However, to date, FIRE has been focused on passive investing and traditionally safe assets. “As cryptocurrency enters a new bull market and is discussed in popular channels like CNBC it’s too important to ignore, says Dr. Jorge Sanchez, a manager at “Our goal as always will be to educate, not to market any specific investment. Given that our readers our sophisticated and want deeper technical analyses to make their own decisions.”

“Physicianonfire has already seen the power of’ tools in the creation of a new private community for physicians focused on learning about the technology behind cryptocurrency and its potential utility as part of their investing strategy,” says Kenji Claudio of


Coin Club is an industry-leading Cryptocurrency media company that leverages industry knowledge and insight to bring the latest roundup news, airdrops, and technical alpha to its audience for investing and understanding the evolution of cryptocurrency technologies.

About Physician on Fire:

Physician on Fire was founded by Dr. Leif Dahleen in 2016 with the goal of helping physicians and other high-income earners achieve financial independence. The platform offers a wide range of useful educational content as well as digital products to help readers reach their goals. In 2023, the company has added Jorge Sanchez M.D., Vinci Palad, and Nirav H. Shah, M.D. as three new partners to enhance its technology capability and expand its content offering.

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