Creative Biolabs Integrates a Project Aiming to Link Infection Research to Biomedical

Creative Biolabs, a pioneering provider of disease research and therapeutic development solutions, announces its latest program integration of infectious disease therapy, offering novel approaches that redefine treatment paradigms.

New York, USA – April 16, 2024 – As reported in an earlier release from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, measles infections are rampaging across the US nationwide, with a total of 113 cases reported in 17 states as of April 5, nearly doubling the total of those in 2023. Creative Biolabs recently launched an integrated solution as a quick response to the urging infection crisis, contributing to both diagnostic and therapeutic discoveries.

“According to the CDC, over 80% of the cases are among groups who are unvaccinated or share an unknown vaccination status, and 12% with one dose only, once again reminding us of the importance of vaccination practice and the need for more potent therapeutic options,” according to a scientist specializing in diagnostics development from the perspective of human autoimmunity. “Creative Biolabs assists with sifting out NAA targets in infectious diseases via our versatile natural autoantibody profiling strategies.”

Creative Biolabs has set up assays like immunosensors, ELISA, luciferase immunoprecipitation systems (LIPS), antigen arrays, and bead arrays for detecting varied autoantibody classes against different infectious agents, such as anti-nuclear antibodies, anti-rheumatoid factor autoantibodies, and anti-fluorescent anti-nuclear antibodies.

“The other strategy of our project revolves around new drugs,” added the scientist, “for which we can undertake the development of infectious disease therapy by non-IgG antibodies.”

Monoclonal antibodies, especially non-IgG antibodies, critically contour the landscape of antibody therapies, which are lately a rising star in infectious disease treatment owing to their precision and potence. Creative Biolabs concentrates years of efforts to provide the best and most customized solutions for non-IgG antibodies against measles and other infections like HIV, rotavirus, influenza virus, and parasites. Their solutions cover the entire workflow of an antibody’s production, engineering, characterization, PK/PD evaluation, and developability improvement, allowing for the delivery of IgA, IgE, IgM, and assay kits, which can perfectly fit in with disease therapy, vaccine development, and clinical diagnosis applications.

“Our aim of this project is to help customers accomplish their projects in one stop, thus greatly saving their efforts.” Summarized the scientist.

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Creative Biolabs is a globally recognized leader in providing comprehensive solutions for infectious disease research and therapeutic development. Their mission is to drive scientific progress and improve patient outcomes by delivering cutting-edge technologies and services. During the days of PEGS 2024 and BIO International Convention 2024, scientists from Creative Biolabs will be attending to share views with global researchers regarding the latest progress in biomedical sciences.

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