Pixelscope to Participate in 2024 NAB Show, the World’s Largest Media, Entertainment, and Technology Trade Show

Pixelscope, led by CEO Kei Kwon, is excited to present Pixelcast at the 2024 NAB Show in Las Vegas from April 13 to 17. Pixelcast is a pioneering AI solution that completely automates sports broadcasting processes, including camera operations, editing, and graphic production. By taking over repetitive tasks, this technology boosts workplace efficiency and allows creative professionals to focus on higher-level production aspects.

The 2024 NAB Show, a key event in the broadcast industry since 1922, will host over 1,700 participants, including major companies like Adobe, Sony, and Panasonic. These participants will display the latest in broadcasting, media, and entertainment technology. At the event, Pixelscope will demonstrate Pixelcast’s capabilities during a live table tennis match, highlighting the system’s ability to handle dynamic and unpredictable sports action without human intervention.


Pixelcast leverages advanced AI to manage all aspects of broadcast production. It uses high-speed cameras and real-time processing to ensure every important moment is captured and displayed with clarity. The system enhances viewer experience by intelligently choosing camera angles and creating data-driven graphics that provide real-time insights into game statistics and player performance.

Looking ahead, Pixelscope plans to discuss expanding Pixelcast into the global market at the NAB Show, emphasizing its potential to transform live broadcasting for new leagues and tournaments. This aligns with Pixelscope’s goal to establish Pixelcast as a fundamental part of the future global broadcasting landscape.

Through Pixelcast, Pixelscope is not only showcasing its technological innovations but also advocating for a shift towards more automated, efficient, and engaging broadcast production. This system not only meets high-quality standards but also promotes safer, more creative broadcasting environments, especially in challenging situations where human operation may be impractical.

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