TouchNot Trains Kids to Play Safely & Gives Parents Peace of Mind

Attach TouchNot to anything you don’t want kids toying with and wait for the alarm


CAMBRIDGE – April 16, 2024 – Mord Innovations has announced the launch of TouchNot, a device built to discourage kids from risky play while teaching them to avoid dangerous objects. Parents, guardians, and other kids’ caretakers only need to attach TouchNot to objects they do not want their kids toying with or areas they do not want their kids entering. TouchNot emits a loud alarm to notify the adults when kids are engaging in risky play. This device is available on Kickstarter.

Kids frequently get into trouble the moment the adults around them turn their backs for even a few minutes. Manufacturers have come up with many products on the market to prevent this risky behavior. However, these are limited to smart tags that are location-dependent and security cameras that require complex installation in addition to being intrusive and coverage-limited. The team behind TouchNot developed this device to make everyone’s lives easier. The device attaches to anything and setup takes under a minute.

“Kids are naturally active, playful daredevils and like to tinker with anything they can lay their hands on,” says Mord Innovations CEO, Dr. Mordecai Raji. “We developed TouchNot to curb this risky behavior by restricting kids to safe activities and objects.”

TouchNot has several applications in homes, schools, and basically anywhere where kids are. Parents and guardians can use TouchNot to prevent their kids from rummaging in medicine cabinets, opening hot water taps, or playing with breakable or expensive objects. Additionally, TouchNot’s motion sensor can restrict kids to specific areas by sounding an alarm when they wander toward a dangerous zone like a swimming pool or staircase.

TouchNot has different sensor modes for different goals, making it easy to discourage different kinds of risky play. For example, use the motion sensor mode to prevent kids from accidentally tumbling down a staircase or into the swimming pool. To prevent kids from playing with keys or turning on the oven, use the touch sensor mode. Additionally, TouchNot can run for 21 days on a single charge.

Beyond its use for monitoring risky play with kids, TouchNot also functions well as an anti-theft device in stores, homes, and offices. Simply attach TouchNot to any expensive object or use it to zone off a specific area, making it burglar-proof.

Thanks to its unique functionalities, TouchNot gives people peace of mind when they take their eyes off their kids or belongings. Parents, guardians, and other kids’ caretakers can now safely look away for a few moments since TouchNot is always watching.

About Mord Innovations Ltd

Mord Innovations Ltd. is made up of a team of two fathers who draw from their experience in software development and electronics hardware engineering to improve kids’ safety. Their one-of-a-kind product, TouchNot, attaches to any object and produces a loud alarm to warn adults when the kids around them are engaging in risky play.

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