Alaya AI announces Opbnb’s daily active users surpass 50,000

Alaya AI, a company specializing in artificial intelligence data processing, proudly announces today that its blockchain project, Alaya AI on Opbnb, has exceeded 50,000 daily active users. This significant achievement underscores Alaya AI’s outstanding performance in the field of blockchain technology, as well as the attractiveness and competitiveness of Opbnb as a blockchain public chain under the Binance umbrella.

Opbnb is a blockchain public chain project under the Binance Group, dedicated to providing secure, transparent, and efficient accommodation services to users worldwide. Leveraging the decentralized nature of blockchain technology, the project offers users a more trustworthy and convenient experience.

The team at Alaya AI states, “The milestone of Opbnb’s daily active users surpassing 50,000 indicates our continuous growth in the blockchain field and Opbnb’s strong performance as a blockchain public chain. We are committed to utilizing artificial intelligence technology to provide the industry with smarter and more personalized services, further meeting the needs of users.”

Opbnb’s successful breakthrough is attributed to the relentless efforts and continuous innovation of the Alaya AI team. As a leading player in the industry, Alaya AI will continue to strive for the advancement of blockchain technology, offering users higher-quality services and experiences.

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