IAIO-NARDO disclosed the code of the global aviation ESG system for the first time at the United Nations CEPA meeting, aiming to promote green travel for passengers.

The Norm Airlift Resources Development Organization and International Aviation Innovation Organization (IAIO-NARDO) is an international academic organization created in the spirit of the United Nations Charter to support and care for the needs of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at all stages of their advancement through the development of innovative pathways in civil aviation, tourism, science, and technology. In response to climate action, the civil aviation sector is advancing the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA), a carbon offsetting and reduction scheme applied to international air travel. However, it is worth noting that with the end of the Covid-19, the global civil aviation travel market has recovered. As of the end of November 2023, nearly 15,000 aircraft were in the backlog. This represents a triple-digit increase compared to the same period in 2022, breaking industry records. Aircraft deliveries are also increasing, with a 3% increase in the number of aircraft delivered compared to November 2022. In addition, the engine reserve is close to 30,000 units, the highest number on record.

Therefore, the IAIO-NARDO has launched an academic emergency response plan to evaluate and manage the CORSIA plan in connection with the social responsibility and institutional governance of air tourism enterprises, promote and popularize the use of ESGAcode. Systematic, market-oriented, and scientific financing capacity to promote climate action in the field of civil aviation.

At present, IAIO-NARDO has evaluated and studied the ESG samples of 300 aviation companies around the world, of which only 63 aviation companies are eligible for ESGAcode, and it is worth mentioning that only 3 aviation companies have obtained 5A ratings in the ESG samples of 300 airlines, They are Emirates Alines, Qatar Airways and Singapore Airlines, accounting for 1% of the overall sample. A total of 12 aviation companies have obtained 4A+, 4A, and 4A-, accounting for only 4% of the overall sample, which is still relatively low. A total of 24 airline companies have obtained 3A+, 3A, and 3A-, accounting for 8% of the overall sample, which is still lower than expected. In order to ensure the advancement of the ESGAcode evaluation system, and to prevent the evaluated institutions from writing false ESG reports with reference to the standards. Therefore, the evaluation standard algorithm of the ESGAcode system will be updated from time to time, and the standard algorithm will not be disclosed for the time being.At the same time, the evaluation results of ESGAcode in different periods will be disclosed and discussed at relevant special conferences of the United Nations, so as to ensure the optimization of ESGAcode evaluation factors and effectively promote the overall construction and development of the reliability and validity of this evaluation system

Therefore, IAIO-NARDO calls on global civil aviation passengers and civil aviation organizations to pay attention to climate action and take effective actions to protect the planet.

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