Elite Hub Global: Maria Vila and Lledo Piquer Unite Forces in Luxury Concierge Market

Elite Hub Global: Maria Vila and Lledo Piquer Unite Forces in Luxury Concierge Market
Elite Hub Global’s co-founders: Lledo Piquer (left), Maria Vila (right).
Maria Vila and Lledo Piquer have teamed up to create Elite Hub Global, challenging the male-dominated luxury concierge industry. Leveraging their diverse backgrounds, they address challenges by incorporating technology, particularly artificial intelligence, to provide personalised, fast, and secure services. Elite Hub Global focuses on meeting the preferences of the new generation through applications and AI, while also building trust by ensuring authenticity in exclusive event access.

In a strategic move challenging the norms of a male-dominated industry, Maria Vila and Lledo Piquer have joined hands to create Elite Hub Global, a pioneering force in the luxury concierge business. This power duo aims to redefine the landscape, bringing a fresh perspective to an industry traditionally led by male entrepreneurs.

On account of their mixed background in luxury goods, marketing, and high-end customer service, they recognised the untapped potential in the luxury concierge market, but also the challenges in it.

In an era where personalised service is highly valued, luxury concierge companies occupy a unique niche in the service industry. They cater to the needs and desires of high-net-worth individuals, offering bespoke experiences, exclusive access, and seamless convenience. However, like any industry, luxury concierge services face their own set of challenges in today’s rapidly evolving landscape. That’s why, by creating Elite Hub Global, they have managed to overcome these challenges by incorporating new technologies to adapt to the fast changing environment. The new generations of customers prefer to avoid phone calls; for them, it is more convenient to send messages or make selections through an application. They seek a personalised service where their expectations are met while maintaining minimal interaction. This is where Elite Hub plays a crucial role by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to better understand customers and provide an easy, fast, and fully tailored service to their expectations. Instead of simply keeping a record of customer preferences and contacting them to offer pre-existing services, they use technology to anticipate their clients needs, streamlining the process. This does not imply that the customer will not be accompanied by a person at all times, only that it is in their hands to decide whether they prefer to interact or simply click.

Furthermore, they face the challenge of building trust among customers, especially those who have not yet experienced this type of service but have the purchasing power and desire to access exclusive events and places. Distrust is accentuated, particularly in the purchase of tickets for sports events, where scams abound. At Elite, they have the necessary partners and contacts to ensure authenticity, thus providing security to their clients. By using the latest technologies, they aim to constantly offer new and more customised services and experiences for their clients, so that they do not waste their valuable time and miss any opportunities. Likewise, the use of technology is a valuable tool for the partners in the industry, from event organisers to hotels and restaurants, as it allows for faster and more secure bookings while they get to know their clients better.

Vila and Piquer’s commitment to excellence and a blend of skills that complement each other, make for a strong team poised to disrupt market dynamics. The male-dominated luxury concierge industry may soon witness a paradigm shift, with Elite Hub Global leading the charge towards a more inclusive and innovative future.

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