Experience Unmatched Elegance at Hawkridge Austin: Austin’s Top Luxury Gated Community


Welcome to Hawkridge Austin, a jewel in the crown of Austin’s luxury real estate market, setting a new standard for what a gated community can offer. Nestled within the verdant expanse of the Texas Hill Country, Hawkridge Austin represents the pinnacle of luxury, exclusivity, and harmony with nature, carefully curated by the visionary developer, Kirby Walls. Walls, known for his dedication to excellence and innovative design, has masterfully blended opulent living with the rustic beauty of the natural landscape.

This community is not just a residence; it is a testament to Walls’ commitment to creating an unparalleled living experience where every detail reflects a deep respect for quality, aesthetics, and the environment. Join us as we delve into the elegance, amenities, and serene lifestyle that make Hawkridge Austin the city’s top luxury gated community.

The Vision of Hawkridge Austin

Hawkridge Austin’s foundation is steeped in the vision and passion of Kirby Walls, who, with over 15 years in custom home building, sought to meld luxury with the pristine Texas Hill Country on 88 acres of stunning landscape. Reflecting on the project’s inception, Walls stated, “From the moment I climbed the hill to the top of the ridge, I knew I had found something special.” His vision for Hawkridge was to create a unique community that respects and preserves the natural beauty of its surroundings while offering an unmatched living experience. 

This vision extends beyond the construction of homes to the cultivation of spaces where luxury and the natural environment exist in perfect harmony. Hawkridge Austin is Kirby Walls’ commitment to excellence, serving as a sanctuary where residents find not just the apex of opulence but also a profound connection to the environment—a place that epitomizes the perfect balance between luxury living and the natural world.

Design and Development: Crafting a Luxury Community

Hawkridge Austin is an exclusive gated community where privacy and luxury are not just promised but delivered. Here, residents are afforded the rare privilege of building their dream homes, choosing from a list of elite home builders and architects known for their innovative and quality designs. Each home is more than a structure—it’s a personal vision brought to life, marrying individual style with luxury.

Kirby Walls’ dedication to quality is evident across Hawkridge Austin’s elegant expanse. More than aesthetic beauty, the community embodies a sophisticated living experience. Walls’ vision ensures Hawkridge sets a standard for luxury real estate, not only in Austin but as a paradigm nationally.

Echoing the Hill Country’s charm, the materials used in Hawkridge Austin—from aged Corten steel to weathered limestone—complement the environment’s innate beauty. These elements are carefully selected for durability and aesthetics, ensuring the community’s architecture honors the local heritage. This meticulous design ethos guarantees that Hawkridge doesn’t just exist within the landscape but enhances and preserves it, offering residents a lifestyle that’s truly aligned with nature’s elegance.

Living in Harmony with Nature

Nestled within the majestic Texas Hill Country, Hawkridge Austin is a testament to living in harmony with nature. This luxury gated community is designed to immerse its residents in the tranquil beauty of the natural world, without sacrificing the convenience and vibrancy of city life. At the core of Hawkridge Austin’s appeal is its commitment to preserving the serene and untouched environment that defines the area. This commitment is vividly illustrated by the community’s dedicated four and a half acres surrounding a picturesque pond—a sanctuary for both residents and local wildlife. This space, with its meandering single-track trails, invites residents to connect with nature, whether through leisurely walks, morning jogs, or simply moments of reflection by the water’s edge.

Surrounding Hawkridge Austin, the landscape unfolds into an inviting playground of natural beauty and adventure. The area is rich with state parks, meandering rivers, and crystal-clear lakes, all setting the stage for a plethora of outdoor pursuits such as hiking, camping, kayaking, and boating. As the seasons change, so does the scenery, with spring heralding a breathtaking display of wildflowers. Fields and roadsides come alive with the vivid hues of bluebonnets and Indian paintbrushes, among others, turning the Hill Country into a spectacular showcase of nature’s artistry. This diverse blend of recreational opportunities and natural wonders complements the luxurious lifestyle of Hawkridge Austin, offering residents an escape into the great outdoors right at their doorstep.

The integration of Hawkridge Austin’s amenity center with the natural environment is a prime example of the community’s architectural ethos. Designed to blend seamlessly into the surrounding landscape, the amenity center is tucked between mature trees, its structure taking cues from the natural forms and materials found in the Hill Country. This thoughtful design approach ensures that residents have access to luxurious amenities while maintaining a sense of being one with nature.

Living in Hawkridge Austin offers a unique juxtaposition of tranquility and accessibility. Despite its peaceful, natural setting, the community is just a short commute from downtown Austin, allowing residents to easily transition between the calm of Hill Country living and the dynamic hustle and bustle of the city. This proximity to Austin means that residents can enjoy the best of both worlds: the serene beauty of nature and the convenience and excitement of urban living.

The tranquility and beauty of Hawkridge Austin make it more than just a place to live; it’s a retreat, a space where the stresses of everyday life are replaced by the peace and natural splendor of the Texas landscape. It’s a community where the harmony between human habitation and the natural environment is not just a goal, but a reality, offering a lifestyle that is both enriching and sustainable.

Unparalleled Amenities and Lifestyle

Hawkridge Austin is an enclave where luxury living and a comprehensive suite of amenities create a lifestyle that’s as active and vibrant as it is serene and laid-back. At its core, the amenity center offers a hub for wellness and social interaction, designed to meld with the sweeping landscapes that characterize this prestigious community. Encircled by nature trails that meander through the lush greenery, residents can revel in the unspoiled beauty of the Texas Hill Country, fostering a sense of connection with the environment.

Just beyond the private comforts of Hawkridge, the wider Dripping Springs area offers a host of recreational possibilities. Families at Hawkridge benefit greatly from being part of the renowned Dripping Springs School District, known for its commitment to excellence in education and a well-rounded student experience. The district’s accolades contribute significantly to the lifestyle benefits that Hawkridge families enjoy, ensuring that educational opportunities are of the highest caliber.

Further enhancing the Hawkridge lifestyle are the local attractions like Belterra Village and the historic downtown Mercer district, providing an array of dining, shopping, and cultural experiences. Here, the charm of small-town living meets the convenience of modern amenities.

For the sports enthusiast, the array of country clubs and golf courses within a 30-minute drive from Hawkridge is impressive. Each club offers meticulously maintained greens, challenging courses, and a social environment that’s both welcoming and exclusive. These nearby facilities complement the leisure options available within the community itself, offering diverse opportunities for residents to engage in their passions.

Pickleball courts and numerous tennis courts dot the Dripping Springs area, offering residents of Hawkridge easy access to active pursuits. Places like Grey Rock Tennis Club, with its pristine courts and robust community, stand ready to serve up competitive play and friendly matches alike. These amenities underscore the balance Hawkridge Austin strikes between the tranquility of countryside living and the active, engaged lifestyle its residents seek, all within the embrace of the Hill Country’s natural splendor.

The Community: A Blend of Privacy, Luxury, and Accessibility

Hawkridge Austin is a haven where the allure of seclusion meets the heartbeat of urban convenience. This distinguished community offers a sanctuary of privacy, where lush greenery and expansive plots form a buffer between the outside world and the tranquil luxury within. Yet, this seclusion does not come at the expense of accessibility. Located just moments from Austin’s bustling center, Hawkridge offers an easy commute to the city’s renowned restaurants, vibrant live music scene, and flourishing employment opportunities, making it a sterling example of convenience without compromise.

The local real estate market at Hawkridge is unique, offering not just homes, but the land upon which dreams are built. Here, potential homeowners find the rare opportunity to purchase expansive plots of land, envisioning and constructing custom-built luxury homes that echo their personal style and needs. This ability to tailor one’s living space from the ground up is a luxury in itself, ensuring that each home in Hawkridge Austin is as unique as its inhabitants. In this community, the promise of luxury is not just met—it’s designed to the exacting standards of those who will call it home, establishing Hawkridge Austin as a bastion of bespoke elegance.

Your Future Luxury Home Awaits at Hawkridge Austin

Your future luxury home imbued with serenity and luxury, beckons at Hawkridge Austin. Within this exclusive gated community, the dream of a bespoke residence becomes reality, offering more than just a living space—here, you thrive amid elegance and natural splendor. Hawkridge is not merely a location but a canvas, where the tranquil Texas Hill Country meets Austin’s vibrant energy. It’s a place where your life’s next chapter is waiting to be written, surrounded by beauty, and crafted according to your highest aspirations. Discover the true essence of refined living at Hawkridge Austin—where your new beginning awaits.

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