From Overwhelmed to Overachieving: Freedom & Bliss Coaching Transforms Business Owners to Experience Peak Wellness, Conscious Leadership, Extraordinary Performance and Deep Contentment

Freedom & Bliss Coaching LLC is a premier American coaching organization on a mission to develop conscious leaders to improve our world. They empower leaders and organizations with an integrated approach to expand conscious leadership through mind, body, spirit coaching and mindfulness.

Today’s world is growing exponentially more stressful – especially for business owners. Managing day-to-day challenges is increasingly difficult and many are facing burnout and struggle with mental health.

Freedom & Bliss Coaching LLC, a leading U.S. coaching company has decades of experience developing top leaders all over the world. They integrate biohacking, cutting-edge emotional wellness, mental health mastery, and spiritual wellness. The programs are delivered via executive coaching, group coaching, and meditation instruction. As clients implement tools and practices for optimal health of mind, body, and spirit, a rapid transformation occurs in their individual lives and business results. 

The company emphasizes that daily meditation practice and the resulting expansion of conscious leadership are the keys to managing stress, avoiding burnout and elevating the quality and effectiveness of one’s life and business. By cultivating a sustainable state of peace, leaders expand their presence, focus, productivity, and exuberance. They are quickly able to overcome the most challenging of situations with ease, making high quality strategic decisions and creating unprecedented business results. 

Freedom & Bliss Coaching LLC’s experts noted that the main driver of happiness is conscious connection; by regularly practicing mindfulness, executives are poised to establish deeper, more meaningful connections based on authentic leadership and ultimately transform their company’s culture into a highly engaged and thriving community. 

“When mindfulness and connection become the norm, business owners are agile enough to see around corners, make rapid pivots, and succeed in any circumstance.” 

Freedom & Bliss Coaching LLC was founded and helmed by John T. Griffith, one of the most recognized wellness experts and executive coaches nationwide. According to John, Freedom & Bliss was established with a mission to elevate collective wellness and help leaders achieve peak performance and happiness in all areas of life. 

Besides executive coaching, the company also offers a revolutionary group coaching program called “The Freedom & Bliss Program”, in which participants learn the BLISS Method™ for optimizing mind, body and spirit. John said that the main benefits of this program lie in peak health & wellbeing, presence, aliveness, agility, and deep fulfillment.

According to John, “This program consistently changes lives. Business leaders go from a state of chronic stress, struggling to be present with loved ones, self-medicating, and burnout to joyful, thriving, highly effective, present, and even blissful.” 

More information about Freedom & Bliss Coaching LLC is available on the company’s official website.

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