Aura Health Check Up Camp organized by Vedic Method by Vidhata’s and SoulArt in Indore Madhya Pradesh, received praise and support from people

Free Aura Health Check Up Camp was organized by Vidhatas Indian Traditional Medicine and Gurukul and SoulArt at Srinagar Extension Indore. In which, apart from aura reading, Vedic healing, body alignment, tarot card reading, astrology and Vastu consultation, free advice was given by a dietician.

During the camp, Dr. Ravindra Bage and Dr. Latashree, the founding directors of Vidhaatas, explained about the Indian Vedic system of medicine through scientific and spiritual methods and how the treatment of Aura Mandal helps in improving the physical, mental, emotional, intellectual and spiritual energy. Blockages can be removed; your energy levels can be increased and you can keep yourself healthy without medicines.

Dr. Rachna Singh, Founder of Soul Art, explains that in today’s stressful times we need to heal ourselves without medicines, through Vedic Healing. By balancing the five elements within us we can live a happy life. We can balance the five elements without medicines in many ways – such as Vedic healing, acupressure, Vastu, mantra healing etc. In this camp, Acu-Chiro Practitioner Dr. Anil Saraogi, Vastu Astro, Vedic Healer Dr. Rachna Singh, Dietitian Mrs. Neha Garg, besides Master Spiritual Healer Dr. Priyanka Parmar, Dr. Rajshree Deshpande, Mrs. Nimisha Pandey, Mrs. Anjali Rao participated. In this camp, he provided free, selfless service in the public interest, from which many people benefited.

Nowadays, in the digital age, problems related to back pain, waist pain, neck pain are becoming common in every class due to the continuous working system, in which chiro-acupressure combined therapy can be completely cured. The art of living with happiness, peace and prosperity can be developed through Tarot, Astrology, Vastu guidance. The Indian traditional medical system is a medical system without drugs and without side effects, which has been prevalent for ages, which was becoming extinct over the years. Mantra therapy and cosmic healing therapy have great importance in reviving it. In which the conscious energy of Kundalini Shakti combines with the cosmic divine energy and creates a divine contact, due to which auto healing starts happening automatically in the person, and we start becoming healthy physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, then we become fully developed and balanced and can live life. Company Name – SoulArt

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