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What inspired you both to co-found Saint Park and how did your paths cross?

We met as students at the University of Michigan Law School. We quickly became friends and stayed in touch after graduating. During a law school reunion, we began discussing where we were in our careers and how we would ideally like to practice. We decided to schedule follow-up calls and meetings because we realized our preferred styles of practice and skillsets were complimentary. From those conversations, Saint Park was born.

Can you share a pivotal moment in your careers that led you to specialize in crisis management and investigations?

Kya: As a white-collar attorney in Big Law, I was fortunate to be staffed on some of my firms’ largest, newsworthy cases. Managing both the investigations and litigation aspects of the cases along with their public relations side provided me with a unique perspective on how these practices can strategically support each other.

Calyssa: Before law school, I worked in marketing and corporate communications for the Detroit Lions. After graduating from law school, I eventually decided to combine my public relations and legal skillset into a career in crisis communications. I joined a crisis communications and legal affairs team at a New York-based PR agency as a result.

How does your firm differentiate itself in the niche area of crisis investigation services?

Crisis work is a niche area of public relations that most public relations professionals do not have experience with and the world of investigations law can be similarly exclusive. As attorneys with public relations, investigations, and cross-industry experience, we are a full-service firm for crisis management.

How do you balance the demands of crisis management work with the strategic development of your law firm?

We work well together in complementary and supplementary ways. We are able to divide and conquer when necessary but also hyperfocus on the same task when the need arises.

In what ways do your backgrounds in global law firms, government, and crisis communications inform your work at Saint Park?

We bring all of our experiences to our cases for our clients’ benefit. We draw on our years of cross-industry experience to guide clients through business disruptions across different fields and disciplines.

How has your experience as women entrepreneurs in the legal field influenced the culture at Saint Park?

We do not make it a habit to adopt traditional office culture and ways of working because they are the societal norm. We are willing to challenge norms to find the best working style and environment for ourselves.

Can you share insights on how technology and innovation have impacted your field of work?

We run a mostly virtual law firm. Advances in technology allow us to service clients without always being physically present.

Finally, what would you like your legacy to be as co-founders of Saint Park?

We want to show attorneys that it can be done–to start a boutique firm, provide quality work, and practice in an environment conducive to both your personal and professional well-being.

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