Unlocking Tata Punch’s Potential: ACKO Drive’s In-Depth Analysis of Petrol, CNG, and Electric Variants

The introduction of the Tata Punch represents a noteworthy milestone in Tata Motors’ range. The new micro-SUV demonstrates Tata Motors’ commitment to developing innovative, cost-effective mobility solutions. The all-new Tata Punch has quickly established itself as a top choice in the brutally competitive small SUV segment, thanks to its distinctive look, extensive amenities, and promise to provide an enjoyable driving experience.

In 2024, Tata Motors has chosen to upgrade the Punch with two new powertrains. Based on Tata Cars’ constant commitment to innovation and customer happiness, this redesigned model has a lot of potential to increase its appeal to a broader audience. The 2024 Tata Punch creates an indelible imprint on every SUV buyer’s mind with various petrol, CNG, and electric engine options.

This guide will delve into the fuel options offered by the new Tata Punch.

Tata Punch EV vs Tata Punch Petrol vs Tata Punch CNG: Powertrain

Tata offers the Punch with a petrol engine, a CNG engine, or a full-electric drivetrain, making it one of the few cars in India that provides both ICE and electric powertrain options. Yes, the Punch EV is significantly more expensive than the other two, but you will save money on operating costs in the long term. So, is the Punch EV, Punch Petrol, or Punch CNG best suit you? Here is a complete analysis of these three SUVs to see how they differ from one another.

The Punch petrol and CNG employ the identical 1.2-litre Revotron petrol engine. However, the engine’s output characteristics are not the same. The petrol variant produces more power and torque than the CNG version. CNG redeems itself by being less expensive to operate due to its higher fuel efficiency. Comparing the EV to the petrol and CNG models is not an apples-to-apples comparison. The Punch EV produces greater power and torque and has a remarkable stated range of 315 to 421 km, depending on the model.

It all comes down to the use case; if you primarily drive your car in an urban area with access to adequate charging infrastructure, we don’t see any reason to avoid the Punch EV. However, the Punch petrol or CNG might be a good choice if you make regular highway travels or travel to rural places with few charging stations. 

Tata Punch EV vs Tata Punch Petrol vs Tata Punch CNG: Features & Comfort

Regarding fundamental features, all three SUVs have roughly the same gear level. But dig deeper, and it’s clear that the Punch EV is far more suited. All three versions of the Punch have a touchscreen infotainment system, cruise control, automatic headlights, rain-sensing wipers, temperature control, and a sunroof. However, the Punch EV goes above and above, with wireless charging, a larger 10.2-inch touchscreen, a completely digital instrument cluster, leather seats, an air purifier, 16-inch alloy wheels, and ambient lighting. 

If the quantity of features impacts your purchasing choice, the Punch EV is the clear victor since it has far more features and a cabin made of higher-quality materials, giving it a luxury feel. The Tata Punch on-road price ranges between ₹ 6.63 L – ₹ 11.83 L. The Tata Punch EV on-road prices range between ₹ 11.70 L – ₹ 16.35 L.


As previously stated, the Punch EV, Punch Petrol, and Punch CNG are fundamentally identical. However, there is one significant variation between these three regarding powerplant configuration. If you want to buy an EV now, the Punch EV is one of the most important alternatives. It is also less expensive than the Nexon EV, making it an excellent alternative if you can manage with a smaller SUV. If you’re searching for an urban EV with easy-to-navigate dimensions, the Punch EV is a solid contender. Yes, it has a shorter range than the Nexon EV, but it is also much cheaper.

If you are a buyer who is unsure between these three versions, we offer a solution for you. If you drive your car every day in an urban area for 200-250 km, it is advisable to extend your budget and acquire the Punch EV rather than the Punch. It provides more features, a premium experience, zero tailpipe emissions, and significant yearly fuel savings. However, before you take the leap, check out your city’s charging infrastructure to ensure that it is realistic. 

If you can’t stretch your budget but still want a compact SUV for less than Rs 10 lakh, the Punch petrol or Punch CNG should suffice. After all, it’s a well-regarded small SUV that appears to have struck a chord with Indian shoppers. The Punch CNG is also an excellent choice if you don’t mind the reduced boot space and the reduced engine output figures compared to the standard variant.

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