Liang’an Xu, Virtual Reality Technology Expert from China: Creating a New Universe Landscape with VR Technology

In 2021, a piece of news caused a sensation on the Internet, mainly about Facebook’s announcement to change its name to Meta, and the concept of metaverse caused a heated discussion all around the world. As the core technology supporting the metaverse, virtual reality (VR) has received unprecedented attention. This technology, which is currently at the forefront of digital technology, is an important sign that human technological level has entered a new stage, and it also embodies humanity’s infinite longing for future life.

At the application level, virtual reality technology has now expanded to multiple fields, from game and entertainment to film and animation, from education and training to medical health… gradually penetrating into all aspects of life, bringing us unprecedented convenience experience. While virtual reality technology shows great application potential and broad prospects, its technical difficulty and complexity also put forward extremely strict requirements on the professionalism and innovation ability of practitioners. In this context, virtual reality technology talents have not only become the key force to promote the continuous progress and breakthrough of virtual reality technology, but also the core engine to lead the entire industry to the peak of innovation and create a new situation.

Mr. Liang’an Xu, an expert in virtual reality technology from China, is undoubtedly one of the outstanding representatives in this field. He has worked in several well-known companies such as UBI Soft Entertainment, Pearl Digital Entertainment, and Hola Games. Through in-depth research on virtual reality technology, he has provided strong technical support for industries such as game development and film production. With extraordinary ability, he joined Epic Games in 2018, an American star game company and the world’s No.1 virtual reality technology company, responsible for providing Unreal Engine-based full-chain technology solutions for enterprise users in various industries in China.

Mr. Liang’an Xu, an expert in virtual reality technology

Over the years, Liang’an Xu has always adhered to the persistent pursuit of technological innovation. He is well aware that the development of virtual reality technology will directly determine the future lifestyle of human beings. Therefore, for every task, he demands himself with the highest standards, and strives to maximize the potential and value of virtual reality technology. In his work, he conducts in-depth research on modeling and graphics rendering technology, and constructs a more delicate and realistic virtual scene by continuously optimizing key links such as lighting models, texture mapping, and shadow processing. At the same time, he is also adept at designing a variety of interaction methods, so that users can obtain a better immersive experience in the virtual world. In order to strive for excellence, he pays special attention to the processing of scene details, and makes the virtual environment more vivid by carefully adjusting elements such as materials, light and shadow, and sound effects. These technical polishes have penetrated into his thinking, making him an absolute technical authority in this field.

As a brave pioneer, Liang’an Xu is not satisfied with the achievements of the work itself. He always pays attention to the development of the industry, and constantly innovates technology according to the needs and pain points of practitioners. Multiple technological achievements independently developed by him, such as Game Architecture Intelligent Auxiliary Platform Based on Multi-objective Optimization Algorithm, Liang’an No. 1 VR Development Intelligent Service System, Digital Human Development and Testing Integrated Cloud Platform, and Intelligent Software for Game and Film Visual Effects Production, have not only fully demonstrated his profound technical foundation and extraordinary innovation ability, but also have brought subversive changes to the rapid development and wide application of virtual reality technology.

Among them, Liang’an No. 1 VR Development Intelligent Service System is his most representative software, which has opened up a new path for the development and application of VR technology with its powerful functions. This software can provide developers with a one-stop VR development solution. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced developer, you can find suitable development tools and resources. Based on the core function of intelligent analysis, the system can monitor all the data in the development process in real time, thus providing accurate optimization suggestions, so that developers can find and solve problems in time. At the same time, it also supports real-time rendering and preview functions, so that developers can view and adjust the visual effects in real time during the work process, and ensure that the final VR application can present the best effect. In addition, the system also has a rich material library and templates. Developers can quickly build delicate and realistic scenes, vivid and flexible character models according to their own needs, thereby greatly improving development efficiency and enabling more creativity and ideas to be quickly realized. It can be said that the emergence of this software has made the entire virtual reality industry take a solid step forward.

As a researcher and leader of virtual reality technology, Liang’an Xu is also well aware of the importance of knowledge sharing and dissemination while continuing to explore cutting-edge technologies. Therefore, he carefully produced more than 50 teaching videos in his spare time and uploaded them to various major video websites. At present, the cumulative number of views of these videos has reached hundreds of thousands. Among them, the content on real-time rendering principles and material application has provided unprecedented help for practitioners to master the core knowledge and application skills of virtual reality technology, and has attracted unanimous praise from the majority of peers once it was launched.

In addition, Liang’an Xu has also actively participated in various industry activities. By giving speeches and serving as judges of competitions, he has not only better promoted and popularized the cutting-edge technology of virtual reality, but also has excavated many outstanding talents and scientific and technological achievements in this field. It is through such efforts that Liang’an Xu has laid a solid foundation for the long-term development of the entire virtual reality industry.

Liang’an Xu himself says that in the future, he will continue to deepen the field of virtual reality technology, continue to explore and try new technologies and applications, create a new “VR Universe”, and provide technical support for more users around the world. It is believed that under the guidance of a group of technical experts represented by Mr. Liang’an Xu who are at the forefront of industry development, virtual reality technology will continue to make new breakthroughs and bring more surprises to the progress of human science and technology.

(Reporter: Nancy Wang)

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