Lighting Excellence: Elstar’s LED Innovation and Quality Commitment

Lighting Excellence: Elstar's LED Innovation and Quality Commitment
Discover Elstar’s superior LED strip lights—energy-efficient, customizable, and globally trusted for quality and innovation. Learn more at
Discover Elstar’s superior LED strip lights—energy-efficient, customizable, and globally trusted for quality and innovation. Learn more at

Guangzhou, China – From its humble beginnings in 2009 as a LED strip light factory, Elstar has gone on to become a leader in the world LED lighting industry. Famous for its quality and innovation, Elstar has experienced tremendous growth by expanding its strategic plan and concentrating on the production of excellent and reliable LED products. This devotion has made Elstar a brand that is relied upon in more than 50 countries, manifesting its solid global presence and impact across the lighting industry as both LED strip light wholesalers and providers of LED strip lights bulk.

Features of Elstar LED Strip Lights

Elstar’s LED strip lights are undoubtedly unrivaled in terms of their energy efficiency and robustness. These lights are deemed as exceptional since they have a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours which allows for their long-term use. The adoption of 12V / 24V low-voltage systems is a means to ensure safety of people who use them. The 120° beam angle provides sufficient and uniform lighting for the wider coverage area. Every strip light is developed to ensure the best lumen efficiency while reducing the impact on the environment, which is in line with the current trend of environmental friendliness. In addition, the LED strips are made with high color rendering index (80~98Ra), guaranteeing the reproduction of vivid and natural colors that improve any space.

Superior Quality in Elstar LED Strip Production

Elstar’s LED strip lights manufacturing, including LED strip lights wholesale, is based on the tradition of the culture of excellence and precision. Our facilities are equipped with top-of-the-line SMT machines which can ensure the placement of LED wafers with an accuracy that is required for the consistent quality and performance of our products. The process of manufacturing Elstar LED strip is very thorough and guarantees that each strip is not only of high quality but often surpasses the industry standards.

Extensive Range of Elstar LED Strip Products

Elstar offers an extensive range of LED strip light products, designed to meet the varied needs of our diverse clientele. These include:

  • 3528 LED Strips

  • 5050 LED Strips

  • 2835 LED Strips

  • 5730 LED Strips

  • 3014 LED Strips

  • 2216 LED Strips

  • RGB LED Strips

  • Addressable LED Strips

  • COB LED Strips

  • LED Neon Light

Customization Options for Every Need

Aware of the fact that flexibility and personalization are the top priorities, Elstar provides a variety of options for the LED strip lights customization. Customers will have a choice of colors, sizes, brightness levels, and IP ratings, which are designed to meet particular projects’ needs. Whether it’s accent lighting for a warm restaurant atmosphere, or powerful lighting for a big outdoor space, Elstar can customize its products to meet any need.

Technological Innovations at Elstar

Elstar will apply the technological innovations in its manufacturing. This includes the use of the high-precision SMT machines which guarantee the accuracy and efficiency, as well as the automated testing systems that comprehensively analyze each LED strip for any performance defects and environmental resistance. These innovations do not only increase the production capacities but also reinforce the brand’s promise of providing world-class lighting solutions.

Cost-Effective Lighting Solutions

Elstar’s strategic LED strip manufacturer methods and its direct supply chain management enable it to provide LED strip light bulk, which are of high quality and at attractive prices. This cost-effectiveness and superior technology of the product not only gives value to customers but also makes Elstar a first choice company in many lighting projects all over the globe.

About Elstar:

Elstar has been recognized as one of the top LED strip lighting providers in the market, mostly for its reliability and state-of-the-art technology. Over the past 10 years, Elstar has been delivering a large selection of high-performing LED products that meet the individual needs of clients in different industries around the world.  For more information, visit

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