P&G And Dow Working Together On Recycling Technology

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The Procter & Gamble and Dow, two top suppliers of diaper industry, are working together on creating a new recycling technology that will transfer hard to recycle plastic packaging material into a recyclable PE (polyethylene) with near virgin quality and a low greenhouse gas emissions footprint. In order to create the new technology, the two companies will combine their patented technologies and professional knowledge in the dissolution process. This development project will concentrate on recycling various plastic materials with a focus on polyethylene and targeting post-household plastic waste (especially rigidity, flexible and multi-layer packaging, which are harder to recycle) through the use of dissolving technology.

This technology aims to provide high quality post-consumer recycled (PCR) polymer with a lower greenhouse gas emissions footprint comparing to traditional fossil -based polyethylene. P&G expects to use this PCR polymer in the package production process, so as to achieve a way to the circulatory system, which helps maximize the utility of resources and reduce the material that is regarded as waste.

Both Dow and Procter & Gamble have bold ambitions to accelerate the circularity. Dow has a sustainability goal, which can change the waste and commercialize 3 million metric tons of circular and renewable solutions before 2030. And the vision of Procter & Gamble is to use 100% consumer packaging which is recycled or reusable before 2030.

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