Award-Winning Author John Walker Pattison Shares His Triumph Over Cancer in the Inspirational Memoir “Me and My Shadow”

Award-Winning Author John Walker Pattison Shares His Triumph Over Cancer in the Inspirational Memoir "Me and My Shadow"
“Me and My Shadow – memoirs of a cancer survivor” by John Walker Pattison is an inspiring memoir detailing the author’s journey as a cancer survivor, father of a daughter diagnosed with cancer, and a cancer nurse consultant. The book has garnered significant acclaim, including the Literary Titan Gold Book Award, offering unique insights into the enduring human spirit’s capacity to overcome life’s greatest challenges

“Me and My Shadow – memoirs of a cancer survivor,” authored by John Walker Pattison, is not merely a book about surviving cancer but a vivid testament to the unyielding human spirit facing life’s most formidable challenges. This triple award-winning memoir has quickly resonated with readers, critics, and healthcare professionals alike, earning the esteemed Literary Titan Gold Book Award, along with New York Book Festival and a London Book Festival Awards.

In this brutally honest narrative, Pattison, a former senior cancer nurse specialist, delves into his teenage years marred by a terrifying cancer diagnosis at age eighteen. The memoir recounts his emotional journey through years of grueling treatments, a miraculous recovery, and the subsequent shock of his four-year-old daughter’s similar battle with the disease. Beyond his survival, Pattison’s story is one of extraordinary resilience and a commitment to helping others facing similar struggles.

What sets Pattison’s memoir apart is his unique perspective as both a patient and a healthcare provider. His subsequent role as a father to a cancer-surviving daughter provide a rare three-dimensional perspective that enriches the narrative, offering readers a deeply personal yet professional insight into the world of cancer treatment.

Adding rich layers to his life story, Pattison shares his experiences with Native American culture, his passion for rock music, and travel across America. His time spent on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and playing onstage with space rock legends Hawkwind add cultural and spiritual dimensions to his journey.

Literary Titan praises “Me and My Shadow” as a deeply personal account that “does more than just shed light on the cancer experience.” It highlights the complexities of Pattison’s treatment and its impacts, the challenges of parenting through cancer, and the fulfillment found in his life.

“Me and My Shadow” is available on Kindle and in paperback on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. This memoir captures a man’s resilient journey through cancer and his impactful role in healthcare.

About the Book

At eighteen, he faced a verdict no one should ever hear: “You will not survive.” What followed was a grueling odyssey through the darkest tunnels of cancer treatment, where the light at the end seemed an impossible dream. Nearly five decades later, not only has he outlived that grim forecast, but he has also returned to the very hospital of his despair as a beacon of hope, a senior cancer nurse dedicating his life to those walking the path he once tread. His journey is a testament to resilience, chronicling not just his own battle but that of his daughter, who mirrored his defiance against the odds and went on to become an international swimmer. From the stages of rock concerts to the sacred grounds of the Lakota Sioux, his life is a mosaic of survival, spirit, and profound transformation, reminding us all that the strength to overcome resides within.

About the Author

John Walker Pattison is an award-winning author and one of the longest-surviving cancer patients in the UK. Born in 1957 in South Shields, he initially worked in a local shipyard before his life took a dramatic turn with a cancer diagnosis at eighteen. Following his unexpected recovery, he pursued a career in healthcare, rising to the position of a senior clinical nurse specialist and head of service in haematology at his local hospital. Over his career, he has contributed numerous articles to national and international medical publications and has been recognized locally and nationally for his contributions to cancer and haematology care.

In addition to his professional achievements, John has a passion for storytelling, inspired by his life experiences and those he has encountered throughout his career. In 2022, he published his memoir, a culmination of his experiences as a cancer survivor, a father of a cancer-surviving daughter, and a healthcare provider. His works reflect his deep-seated belief in the power of resilience and the importance of hope. Outside of writing and his professional work, John enjoys fly-fishing, traveling to remote parts of America with his wife, June, and spending time with his grandchildren, to whom he is an “elasticated” storyteller of grand adventures.

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