Stonegate Firm Launches an Initiative to Help Military Families with Timeshare Cancellation

Stonegate Firm Launches an Initiative to Help Military Families with Timeshare Cancellation
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TULSA, OK – Stonegate Firm is pleased to introduce a new initiative that aims to help military families navigate the intricate process of timeshare cancellation.

Recognizing the unique challenges faced by service members and their families, Stonegate Firm is dedicating resources and expertise to ensure these families can exit unwanted timeshares effectively and without undue burden.

The initiative focuses on providing legal guidance and support tailored to the needs of military families, who often find themselves locked into timeshare agreements that are incompatible with the realities of military life, such as frequent relocations and deployments. Stonegate Firm’s team of experienced legal professionals is prepared to leverage their deep understanding of timeshare industry and military protections to advocate for these families.

“Our mission with this initiative is to give back to those who serve our country by helping them unburden themselves from timeshare agreements that no longer serve their interests or fit their lifestyles,” said Joe Monticello, Director of Sales at Stonegate Firm. “We understand the stresses that military families endure and believe that managing a timeshare should not add to their challenges.”

Stonegate Firm’s approach includes personalized consultations, during which they assess each family’s specific situation and provide a clear plan of action aimed at achieving timeshare freedom. The firm also conducts workshops and information sessions on military bases across the country to educate service members about their timeshare cancellation rights and options.

“In every workshop, we empower service members with knowledge and tools not just to fight against unfair timeshare practices but to prevent them from falling into such traps in the first place,” added Monticello. “Feedback from these sessions has been overwhelmingly positive, confirming the need for targeted support in this area.”

Stonegate Firm is committed to continuing its efforts to support military families through this initiative and beyond. By focusing on the unique challenges faced by military personnel, Stonegate Firm aims to provide peace of mind to those who serve, ensuring they can focus on their important roles without the added worry of timeshare obligations.

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