Author’s Tranquility Press on the headline: Discover Forbidden Love and Transformation in “I Will Always Love You” by Darlene Porter

Author's Tranquility Press on the headline: Discover Forbidden Love and Transformation in "I Will Always Love You" by Darlene Porter
A Tale of Defiance and Romance in 1870 Chicago

Author’s Tranquility Press is thrilled to announce the release of “I Will Always Love You,” a captivating novel by Darlene Porter that takes readers on a journey through the restrictive and romantic life of Genevieve Davidsly in 1870 Chicago.

In “I Will Always Love You,” Genevieve Davidsly leads a secluded life under the guardianship of her two wealthy spinster aunts. The strict, male-free environment they impose leaves Genevieve longing for more, finding joy in small acts of rebellion like flying down the grand staircase of their Chicago home. Her life changes dramatically when she is injured and rescued by a displaced cowboy from distant Arizona, leading to a forbidden romance that defies the rigid rules she has always known.

Porter’s evocative prose brings to life the constraints and passions of Genevieve’s world, painting a vivid picture of a young woman caught between duty and desire. This historical romance captures the essence of love’s transformative power, challenging societal norms and personal boundaries.

As Genevieve’s relationship with the charming cowboy deepens, readers will be enthralled by the unfolding drama and the stark contrast between her cloistered existence and the expansive possibilities that love introduces. The novel not only explores the romance but also delves into themes of independence, defiance, and personal growth.

About the Author:

Darlene Porter is a gifted storyteller with a passion for historical romance. Her intricate characters and richly woven narratives transport readers to different eras, offering a glimpse into the lives and loves of her heroines. With “I Will Always Love You,” Porter continues to captivate her audience, blending historical authenticity with timeless romance.

“I Will Always Love You” is now available on Amazon and other major book retailers. Step into Genevieve’s world and experience the highs and lows of forbidden love that defies time and tradition.

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