Warmly celebrate the establishment of Yunnan Youfa Fangyuan Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.

  On April 1st, Yunnan Youfa Fangyuan Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. was officially established. As the seventh major production base of Youfa Group, the company was jointly funded by Youfa Group and Tonghai Fangyuan, representing a successful exploration of the competitive cooperation model in the steel pipe industry. The unveiling ceremony was attended by Wang Peng, Secretary of the Tonghai County Party Committee, Deputy Secretary and County Mayor Zhan Daobin, Chen Wencun, Director of the Standing Committee of the County People’s Congress, Deputy County Mayor Liu Jiayun, Wu Yong, Deputy Director of the Yunnan Tonghai Industrial Park in charge of daily work, and Director of the County Industry and Information Technology Bureau, as well as Youfa Group General Manager Chen Guangling, Deputy General Manager Xu Guangyou, Yunnan Youfa Fangyuan Pipe Industry Chairman Ma Libo, General Manager Wang Yalin, and Executive Deputy General Manager Guan Zhongchun. Wang Peng, Secretary of the Tonghai County Party Committee, and Chen Guangling, General Manager of Youfa Group, jointly unveiled the plaque for Yunnan Youfa Fangyuan Pipe Industry Co., Ltd., and County Mayor Zhan Daobin delivered a speech at the event.

  Zhan Daobin pointed out in his speech that the establishment of Youfa Group’s Yunnan production base in Tonghai County is of great significance for promoting the industrial structure transformation and regional economic development in Tonghai County, and the county government will provide full-process services and all-round support for the development of the production base. He expressed hope that Youfa Group can fully leverage its role as the “leader” of the industrial chain, take the Yunnan production base as a strategic opportunity, and work together with Fangyuan to create a more innovative, higher value-added, and more efficient and reliable industrial chain system, making new and greater contributions to achieving high-quality regional economic development.

  Wang Yalin said in his speech that after the establishment of Yunnan Youfa Fangyuan Pipe Industry Co., Ltd., the enterprise will fully explore the synergy of the two brands “Youfa” and “fangyuan” and the production potential of the production line, continuously improve the product quality through technological innovation and equipment transformation, further enhance the radiation range and brand influence of the products, actively integrate into the wave of regional economic transformation and upgrading with high-quality products and high-quality supply chain services, and contribute to the leap of regional economy.

  Yunnan Youfa Fangyuan is different from the previous new construction and acquisition mode, which has created a new sample of the national welded pipe industry competition and cooperation, set a new benchmark for the future development of the industry, opened up a new road for the traditional manufacturing industry to get out of the overcapacity dilemma, effectively eased the homogeneous and disorderly competition in the industry, and provided a new direction for establishing a healthy and good competitive market environment.

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