Su-vastika Unveils 19.2 kWh Lithium-ion Battery with a 3 Phase, 20 KVA Lithium Inverter for Dependable and Wise Backup Power

Leading provider of power solutions, Su-vastika, is happy to announce the release of their 20 KVA 3 Phase Lithium Inverter, featuring a 19.2 kWh lithium-ion battery. This system offers several functions intended to increase efficiency and convenience, save costs, and supply electricity during blackouts. This 20 KVA Battery Energy Storage system gives Uninterrupted power during power breaks, has almost no switching time, and can run computers, Airconditioners, TVs, Lifts, CNC machines, Laser cutting machines, etc, without any break. A long backup is provided in case of power breaks, as the lithium battery has a C1 capacity compared to the lead acid battery, which has a C1 capacity. 

Mentored by Mr. Kunwer Sachdev, a renowned figure in the Indian power industry, Su-vastika leverages his 30 years of expertise to deliver cutting-edge inverter technology. It should be noted that Suvastika is mentored by the Lithium Man of India, Kunwer Sachdev, who was also the founder of Su-kam. However, he has no relationship with Su-kam in any capacity and is not associated with any of Su-kam’s products.

Ready to be used Anywhere

This 20 KVA Lithium Inverter with Lithium battery pack is an Energy Storage system as solar can be integrated into the same system.  Thanks to its compact size, it can be used for all homes, factories, and offices, which still provides powerful performance. Suvastika’s 20 KVA 3-Phase Lithium Inverter is the ideal solution to replace bulky, difficult-to-handle, and inconvenient Diesel Generators. The diesel generator has a life of 10 years, after which the maintenance cost becomes very high, whereas the ESS has a life of 50 years, and the battery can last from 7 to 10 years, which is a significant saving in terms of running costs.

An Eco-Friendlier Substitute for Diesel Generators

The 20 KVA Lithium Inverter by Su-vastika is notable for producing clean power. Unlike diesel generators, the Su-vastika Lithium inverter called Energy Storage Systems produces clean energy, eliminating harmful emissions and creating a healthier environment. This is a significant advantage, especially for businesses operating in eco-conscious environments.

Features of Intelligent Management for Optimal Performance

1. Real-Time Monitoring: Companies can use an easy-to-use app to remotely monitor their system’s performance, enabling efficient power use and the early identification of possible problems.

2. Digital Warranty Management: The trouble of lost paperwork is eliminated with Su-vastika’s digital warranty system, which guarantees easy tracking and management of warranty status.

Ensuring Pure Sinewave Output Equipment Safety

Sensitive electronics can be used with the pure sinewave output of the 3 Phase 20 KVA Lithium Inverter. This feature offers dependability and peace of mind by shielding priceless equipment from the dangers posed by erratic voltage.

Upgradeability of Solar Power for Increased Sustainability

This cutting-edge inverter system is prepared for solar power. It is a flexible and sustainable power solution that businesses can quickly update to a solar inverter by combining an MPPT solar charge controller and appropriate solar panels.

Extended Life, Minimal Upkeep Battery

The 19.2 kWh lithium-ion battery doesn’t require maintenance and has a 7-9-year lifespan. For businesses searching for hassle-free, long-term power solutions, its robustness and simplicity of use make it an excellent choice.

Sophisticated Mechanisms

The inverter by Su-vastika has several built-in safety features to protect the system and any connected appliances:

  • Protection against High and Low Voltage: The system automatically shuts down during voltage variations to avoid electrical overloads.

  • Battery protection: High and low battery cutoff safeguards increase the battery’s longevity by avoiding deep cycling damage and over-discharge.

Extra Features for Expandability and Energy Efficiency

  • Sleep Mode: The inverter can go into sleep mode when power usage is minimal, which minimizes energy waste and lowers electricity costs.

  • Unmatched Expandability: Su-vastika’s system is built with expansion into the future in mind, offering a plethora of capabilities for extensive power management and system scalability to accommodate increasing power requirements.

Recent Examples of Actual Installations of Su-vastika’s Energy Storage Systems

1. Wipro Pune

Wipro, a well-known Indian IT company, has put in a 15 KVA Su-vastika Battery Energy Storage Solution (BESS) that is powered by lithium batteries at their offices in Pune. They did this to encourage people to use green energy.

Wipro’s office in Pune now has a 15 KVA backup power source that can power desks, lights, and important IT equipment.

Wipro also expects to save a lot of money on their energy bills by not having to use diesel generators as much. By using Su-vastika’s Battery Energy Storage Solution (BESS), Wipro is saving a lot of money, running its business more efficiently, and leaving less of an impact on the environment.

2. Airia Mall, Gurugram

This high-profile installation uses a 20 KVA Lift UPS driven by lithium batteries, showing off Su-vastika’s cutting-edge technology. This placement is a big deal for Su-vastika because it shows how good they are at Lift UPS technology, which uses lithium batteries. The Emergency Rescue Device (ERD), also known as the Lift Inverter by Su-vastika, takes care of this very important safety issue. The Lift UPS with lithium batteries from Su-vastika is a strong way to make sure that elevators work reliably and that people in business complexes and buildings with multiple floors are safe. The Su-vastika Lift Inverter/UPS has advanced static switches and technology that give instant backup and ensure that there will be no interruptions or darkness if the power goes out while transporting the passenger to the desired floor.

3. Bhakti Windsor Society, Kalyan

In the city of Mumbai, Su-vastika has successfully installed the first lift inverter solution, which is powered by lithium-ion batteries. There are many benefits for property managers and building residents in the busy city that use this cutting-edge technology. Mumbai’s First Lift Inverters are being put in. They use lithium-ion batteries for power and have a centralized lighting system and a common watering pumping system. The elevator emergency rescue device, also known as the lift inverter or elevator UPS, makes sure that the lift keeps running even when the power goes out or is stopped.

Consumers have a strong, clever, and ecologically friendly backup power option with a 19.2 kWh lithium-ion battery and a 3-phase 20 KVA lithium inverter from Su-vastika. Su-vastika, with its cutting-edge features and dedication to clean energy generation, promotes sustainability and guarantees business continuity.

About Su-vastika

Su-vastika is a leader in power solutions, providing dependable and inventive products to satisfy changing consumer and commercial demands. Su-vastika is committed to offering clean, effective, and intelligent power solutions with an emphasis on sustainability and cutting-edge technology.

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