New Wall Art by Uniline Highlights Iconic University Skylines

Showcase your school pride with Uniline’s handcrafted wooden art, featuring iconic campus landmarks, perfect for home and office decor.

Americans love their Alma Mater. Everyday people proudly display their university’s colors, logos, and mottos. It is a powerful spirit and common bond that allows alumni to showcase where they went for their education. Uniline is out to capture some of that magic with their one-of-a-kind wooden cutouts of university skylines that can be displayed as wall art.

The first in their lineup? The University of Notre Dame. The University of Notre Dame was an easy choice to make as their starting piece. The iconic, gothic-style buildings including the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, the Golden Dome, the Hesburgh Library, and Notre Dame Stadium have inspired awe for more than 100 years. But the buildings of any university rarely cast a perfect skyline, so how does Uniline do it? Here is their process:

First they research the campus for the most prominent buildings and record their dimensions. The buildings are drawn as close to scale as possible as a way to maintain the realism each piece demonstrates. The buildings are arranged by the orientation of their presence on campus, but since the buildings do not usually align perfectly as a skyline, they are layered in a way that strikes an even balance between the larger and smaller buildings featured in the skyline. The result is a picturesque summation of the most renowned buildings of the campus.

Once the buildings are properly layered, the sketch is finalized by including more specific details of the buildings. The style of the sketch is minimalist by design and choice as it would not be practical to try and include every small detail of these storied buildings. After finalizing the sketch, it is shared with a specialist who prepares it digitally for laser cutting. This crucial step ensures that each building is featured and structurally sound for final processing.

The digitized sketch is then sent to our skilled woodworkers who cut, sand, glue, varnish, and install hanging brackets on the back so buyers can easily hang the piece in their home once they receive it. Each unit is proudly sketched and produced in the USA. The units are securely packaged and include an insert that labels each of the featured buildings.

Irish fans, you can order yours now using the link below:

Uniline began with the University of Notre Dame, but sketches have already been completed for the United States Naval Academy, The Ohio State University, the University of California, Berkeley and many more! Uniline hopes to continue to grow and provide a sketch for every major university so alumni have a new medium to celebrate their university.

Do you want your university to be featured? You can submit a request on their website to add your favorite school to the list.

Follow their social media channels to see more behind the scenes footage and stay up to date about future releases:

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