Schneider Electric accelerates the EV transition with faster, smarter, more reliable charging solutions

• EV Advisor minimizes downtime with real-time charging station monitoring

• EVlink Pro DC charger enables fast, safe, efficient, and dynamic charging for commercial and public charging settings

• Schneider Charge brings state-of-the-art charging to the home, with simple installation and advanced features

Schneider Electric, the leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, today announced new eMobility solutions to address the biggest challenges to electric vehicle (EV) adoption. These innovations will improve the reliability, speed, and convenience of EV charging in homes, workplaces and on the move.

The company’s three new entries in the eMobility space include EVlink Pro DC 180kW charging stations, its scalable charging solution for commercial environments; Schneider Charge, its new EV charging station for homes; and EcoStruxure for eMobility EV Advisor, an EV charging management platform which will improve charging station uptime and performance.

Unveiled today at its annual Innovation Summit, Schneider Electric’s new solutions will allow operators to effectively manage, monitor and maintain reliable charging infrastructure, helping to meet the forecast need for hundreds of millions of charging connectors by 2040.

Managing charging networks, minimizing downtime

More than 60% of consumers globally cite concerns over charging infrastructure as a significant barrier to EV uptake. EcoStruxure for eMobility EV Advisor addresses these concerns by minimizing charge station downtime. With real-time monitoring, analytics and remote management capabilities, this new software-as-a-service offer gives charge station operators valuable insights into performance, energy consumption and operational efficiency. Issues can then be swiftly addressed, helping to maintain power reliability and provide a convenient experience for EV drivers.

EV Advisor helps business owners and operators reduce operational costs and time dedicated to managing EV charging systems. Businesses can control and optimize system energy use across multiple sites, improving revenue streams from charging.

A connected interface also allows for more efficient collection of payments from EV drivers. By addressing key pain points, EV Advisor enables businesses and operators to effectively manage their networks, helping meet sustainability targets while creating a hassle-free experience for EV owners. EVAdvisor is available in the UK, Ireland, Denmark, France, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, with plans for further expansion soon.

Charge to 80% in just 20 minutes

With nearly 90% of EV charging expected to take place in buildings, Schneider Electric also announced EVlink Pro DC, a fast-charging station for the commercial and industrial built environments. Scalable from 120kW to 180kW, EVlink Pro DC maximizes energy efficiency and minimizes electrical costs through dynamic power allocation. This balances the amount of energy delivered to each vehicle according to need, reducing power loss across charging stations. The EVlink Pro DC 180kW enables vehicles to reach 80%[i] charge in only 20 minutes, optimizing energy use and shortening the time needed to get fleet vehicles back on the road.

EV Link Pro DC will be available throughout Europe, as well as the Middle East, Africa, APAC and East Asia, by the end of the year.

State-of-the-art home EV charging

Schneider Charge, a smart EV charging station for homes, has been designed with ease of use, flexibility, safety, and efficiency in mind. With only just over half (51%) of EV owners worldwide having a charger at home, Schneider Charge offers a solution that is robust, cost-effective and simple to install.

Through remote operation through the Wiser mobile app, or other EV charging apps, users can easily schedule, monitor and adapt charging times while taking advantage of dynamic tariffs to intuitively charge when electricity rates are lower. Schneider Charge also offers peace of mind with an anti-trip system, allowing EV charging without overloading or disrupting power supply.

Schneider Charge will be made available throughout Europe, as well as Australia, New Zealand and parts of Asia by the end of the year. 

Skilled labour, from start to finish

Reliable charging infrastructure is critical to accelerating EV adoption, but it requires skilled labor to install and maintain it. Today Schneider Electric also announced the expansion of its North America partner, Qmerit, the leading provider of distributed workforce management for EV charging, to European markets. Qmerit will connect customers with a network of expert professional installers, providing on-site support to ensure easy setup of charging infrastructure. This will strengthen Schneider Electric’s worldwide network of technicians who are committed to improving the performance of EV infrastructure and keeping assets running safely and efficiently.

“We’re delighted to launch our eMobility solutions for faster, more reliable and convenient EV charging both at home and on the go”, said Nadège Petit, Schneider Electric’s Chief Innovation Officer. “Our new open platform software, EV Advisor, in conjunction with our EVlink Pro DC chargers, means operators can now benefit from a fully integrated solution to manage their networks.  This helps them maintain uptime, removing EV drivers’ concerns about charge station reliability while on the road. Schneider Charge increases convenience for EV owners even further, bringing the full potential of EV charging to the home.”

“Solutions like these are vital to addressing the biggest challenges to EV adoption, such as fast and reliable charging, and the management, control and installation of infrastructure. As demand for charging stations rises with the uptake of EVs, it has never been more important that our customers ‘stay in the driving seat’ when it comes to managing their own infrastructure.”

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