Reel hose used in FPSO: efficient and stable to help marine operations

With the completion and delivery of Asia’s first cylindrical floating production, storage and offloading device “Hai Kui No. 1” on April 26, 2024, another significant chapter has been written in the history of global deepwater offshore oil and gas development. This grand delivery not only marks a major breakthrough in my country’s independent design and construction technology of deepwater oil and gas equipment, but is also a proud display of technological innovation in China’s manufacturing industry.


  In the field of offshore oil and gas equipment manufacturing, Hebei Zebung Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. has become a leader in the industry with its unremitting pursuit of technological innovation and strict control of product quality. Since its establishment, Zebung Technology has been committed to the R&D and production of marine oil hoses. Through continuous scientific research and technological innovation, it has successfully developed a series of high-performance reel-type marine oil hoses suitable for FPSO systems.

  In some applications, the FPS0 system will be equipped with a reel to facilitate the convenient storage of offshore oil hoses. In the reel system, after completing the transportation of petroleum products, the reelable oil hose is retracted and wound on the reel.

  What factors need to be considered in the design and manufacture of reel oil hoses?

1. Extrusion load

  Reel oil hoses are subject to crushing loads in daily applications. These squeeze loads will change with changes in reel diameter and static and dynamic tensile loads in the oil pipeline. During the production and testing process, Zebung Technology strictly measured the static and dynamic tensile load changes in the oil pipeline to ensure that the produced reel oil hose can adapt to harsh marine working conditions.

2. Floatability

  The reel oil hose will be affected by the squeezing force during use. This squeezing load may cause deformation and other adverse effects on the floating material of the oil hose, thus affecting the floating performance of the oil hose. Zebung Technology designs and manufactures through precise mechanical calculations, high-performance raw materials, special structural design and other measures to ensure that the reel oil hose produced can withstand greater pressure and tension and ensure that the floating performance of the hose is not compromised. Destroyed by squeezing force.

3. Contact with the surface of the reel

  When Zebung Technology designed the reel oil hose, it avoided the contact between the flange edges at both ends of the hose and the surface of the reel without sacrificing hose stress.

4. Bending radius

  The reel oil hose uses high-performance materials and special manufacturing processes. The minimum bending radius during hose operation is smaller than the bending radius of the reel drum, which complies with GMPHOM standards.


  The above aspects are fully considered during the development and production process of the reel oil hose produced by Zebung Technology, ensuring the safety and stability of the reel oil hose during operation.

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