Frida Ding: Conceptualization as CG Generalist’s Approach

Frida Ding: Conceptualization as CG Generalist’s Approach

Exhibition: Conceptualization as CG Generalist’s Approach

Duration: May 15 – 21, 2024 

Location: 49 E 78th St, New York, NY 10075

Conceptualization as CG Generalist’s Approach, presents a captivating solo exhibition by Frida Ding, illustrating her distinguished career in 3D animation and modeling. With a masterful blend of technical prowess and artistic vision, this showcase delves into the essence of Ding’s creative path. Together, celebrate her profound influence and ongoing evolution in the digital art landscape. The exhibition highlights the artist’s remarkable technical skills and digital craftsmanship. Meanwhile, the works on display also delve into her deep humanistic concerns, exploring themes of society, humanity, and natural ecology.

Cabin* 4,  Nutrition, Digital Art,2024

The artist graduated from the School of Visual Arts with a major in Computer Art in 2021. Her career began at Molecule VFX, working on a live-action series, and quickly progressed to a Nickelodeon Junior music video project. This early experience laid the foundation for her subsequent work on 3D assets for commercial use. Ding’s talents led her to contribute significantly to the Nickelodeon Noggin project. Currently, she is a key player at Hope Studios, where she works on high-profile projects for Google, Firebase, and Flutter and innovative internal projects. Her journey reflects a blend of technical mastery and creative innovation, fueled by a passion inspired by animation giants like Disney and DreamWorks.

Apes In The Finery, 2020-2021

The exhibition features Apes in the Finery as the centerpiece, which is an animation short co-produced by Ding. The work is modeled in Maya, textured in Substance Painter, rendered in Arnold (CPU render), and comped in Nuke. The animation depicts a steampunk fantastical realm where every individual’s “value” is visible and defined by the vividness of color. Against this backdrop of visual spectacle, the narrative delves into the journey of a singular protagonist, navigating the complexities of conformity and self-discovery. As the story unfolds, viewers are drawn into a poignant exploration of societal norms, relentless judgment, and the innate human desire to belong. Through meticulous animation and evocative storytelling, Apes in the Finery invites audiences to ponder the nature of identity. Within the sea of uniformity, a revelation blossoms—true essence cannot be quashed. Such profound exploration earned Apes in the Finery the prestigious 2024 Animation Studio Festival awards for Best 3D Animation and Best Story.

Room, Digital Art, 2022

Beyond the centerpiece, the exhibition also unveils the artist’s diverse portfolio, featuring a captivating array of 3D renders and 2D designs. Each piece serves as a poignant chapter in her artistic evolution, showcasing her technical prowess and emotive depth. Her work no doubt demonstrates a relentless pursuit of innovation within the digital medium. 

Apes In The Finery, 2020-2021

Ding’s mastery of shading, texturing, and real-time rendering underscores her pivotal role in elevating visual experiences across diverse platforms and positions her as a dynamic force within the CG industry. This exhibition is far from a mere display of technical prowess. It serves as a gateway to an immersive journey through the narrative richness of digital art, intricately woven through Ding’s visionary perspective.

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