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On April 24, the much-anticipated 2024 Chengdu International Industrial Fair opened grandly at the Western China International Expo City, bringing together global industrial innovation forces to draw a grand blueprint for intelligent manufacturing and green development. At this industrial event, Ally Hydrogen Energy made a strong appearance with hydrogen energy equipment such as hydrogen production and hydrogen utilization, demonstrating the company’s integrated solutions and cutting-edge technological strength in the field of hydrogen energy.


Zeng Jiming, deputy director of the Sichuan Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology (Figure 1, left 2) At the exhibition site, Zeng Jiming, Deputy Director of the Sichuan Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology, and Zhou Haiqi, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Sichuan Provincial Department, led many provincial and municipal leaders to visit the booth in person. Ai Xijun, General Manager of Ally Hydrogen Energy, and Wang Mingqing, General Manager of Chengdu Ally New Energy received them respectively, explained in detail to the visiting provincial and municipal leaders of the latest achievements and innovations of Ally Hydrogen Energy, which focuses on building a whole industrial chain of green hydrogen energy applications.


Zhou Haiqi, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Sichuan Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology (Figure 1, left 2) Provincial and municipal leaders expressed their appreciation for the Ally’s achievements in hydrogen energy technology innovation and industrial chain integrity, and expressed their expectations and support for Ally’s future development prospects.


The physical exhibit of an alkaline electrolyzer customized for our overseas customers at the Ally Hydrogen Energy booth attracted the attention and stop of many visitors. Everyone showed a strong interest in this hydrogen production equipment and stopped to take a closer look, and consult the staff of Ally to learn more about the electrolyzer.


The actual display of this customized electrolyzer not only reflects the strength of Ally in hydrogen production technology innovation and engineering design, but also demonstrates the company’s attention to and ability to meet customer needs.


The booth also displays the part of cell frame of the , catalysts, long runs-up power supplies and other exhibits researched and produced by our company. From the R&D and production of key components to the manufacturing and delivery of final hydrogen energy equipment, it fully demonstrates entire industrial chain layout and achievements of Ally Hydrogen Energy in the field of hydrogen energy equipment.


This exhibition provides valuable communication and cooperation opportunities for Ally Hydrogen Energy, promotes in-depth cooperation with other companies and professionals, and promotes the development and application of the hydrogen energy industry. As a leading enterprise in hydrogen energy, Ally Hydrogen Energy will continue to be committed to the innovation and application of hydrogen energy technology, promote the sustainable development of the hydrogen energy industry, and contribute to energy transformation and sustainable development.

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